SideWalk Ghosts / Interview-365: "By Doing More Acts Of Kindness"

Pam_dream_shirt_retouchedThe Interviews are starting to slowly roll in. Thanks to all who have stepped up to share their perspectives and photo’s. We appreciate all that you are saying.
We are posting in order of receipt, and for those of you who have responded to Interview-365, stay tuned, your words will be published very soon.
We are still not near the fifty responses we need to publish the demographic metrics. So, know that we need you, your thoughts are welcomed and we would love to hear what you have to say.
Today’s friend is no stranger to Operation-365. Actually, she is someone we met during the travels of Project-365. Day 326. And, now is a true friend in following what we are doing with Operation-365.
Please say hello to “Pamtastic” Pam.
Question One:
If you had the stage… the undivided attention of the world… and all were listening… What words of wisdom, council or advice would you share?
“Tell your friends Happy Birthday, preferably in person when possible. If not, connect in some way.”
Question Two:
Looking toward the future… as far, or as close as you want to imagine (one year or hundreds of years)– Where do you see the people or t! he planet … or, what do you think we should be doing now to prepare for the future?
“By doing more acts of kindness and caring for our fellow man and repenting/making right our personal wrongdoings in whatever way that works in your own spiritual practice, the world will become more spiritual and we can be one people.”