Sidewalk Ghosts / Interview-365: "The Light Of Liberty"

44693_1442056368331_7525247_nOperation-365 is taking form… and it is you who are helping to shape its future.
We are the silent majority…. A growing community of the you, we and us. Everyday people of the greatest diversity (and perspectives), doing our best to live with our eyes, hearts and minds open to the world around us.
You are an amazing people! Always inspiring, no matter what your circumstance. Our dream of an awakened people is taking root as we continue to unite through Interview-365.
Within each one of us there is equal opportunity to contribute to this life experience. Our wakes are influential and in whatever we do, we have the power to enrich those around us.
In every single footstep we take the remarkable can be found. Our works touch the lives of those we associate with, or pass by, in a most subtle way.
Through the words and photos you are sharing with us, you are taking part in inspiring us all to pause our minds to consider exactly who are the strangers around us.
If you are reading this, you are now part of this community of Operation-365. Our doors will be ever open to you. And, you are welcome to travel with us as a either a reader or contributor. What matters most is that you are with us. All that we ask is that you take pause in reflecting on all that is shared in our discussions.
Interview-365 will always be here for you when, and if, you would like to be part of it. So whether you follow it or participate in it… we all reach out to embrace you. For without you, Operation-365 would not exist. It is for a great cause that we are together journeying forward. A cause that can ring out through your words, or quietly affect your circles of influence through even the smallest of your actions.
You are magnificently unique. Our greatest wish is that we begin to feel the palpable connections that we are beginning to make through Interview-365. What’s so amazing about it is that we are just getting started. The fields ahead of us are ripe with opportunity to share. Our subscriber base is expanding on a daily basis, and our Facebook/Twitter presence is ever clicking upward.
We truly are the we’s of change. You and I, the everyday people.
The planet is bettering because of your voices. Soft or loud, eloquent or humble, shy or bold… it matters not. For in each of us lies a unified charge to reach out. One deed… and one voice at a time… and that indeed is a beautiful thing my friends.
“I know, a little windy in words today Richard… Please  forgive me, just feeling a little surge of writing energy today. Joseph (today’s “Stranger…” now “Friend”), thanks for getting me going.”
Love you guys,
Question One
If you had the stage… the undivided attention of the world… and all were listening… What words of wisdom, council or advice would you share?
“In every tradition and society there has been the compelling and driving temptation to walk, to truly walk with body and mind. Jesus walked and found his light, the Buddha walked and found his path, Rumi walked and god gave him his wine, Thoreau walked and formed the transcendentalist thoughts. I would have the people’s of the world to stand and walk towards the beckoning future.”
Question Two
Looking toward the future… as far, or as close as you want to imagine (one year or hundreds of years)– Where do you see the people or the planet … or, what do you think we should be doing now to prepare for the future?
“The world before us is darkening and becoming filled with ever more fear and distrust. Though there are those who carry a bright light within their hearts of filling love, they are becoming more and more rare, and as the night of society progresses, the fewer are those that carry their flames courageously, but a new dawn is coming, and when it does come, the light of liberty and the warmth of love will carry humanity to a whole new world where flowers of compassion will flourish. I would advise those strong enough to carry their love with them always to be brave in the face of the encompassing darkness for others will come to depend on that light.”