SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 95: “Just Smile, Man!”

“Just Smile, Man! There is no more to say in describing Janett.

I am traveling today with a three-day assignment shoot beginning tomorrow. Wherever I go now, my crew rallies with me for 365. Today is no exception. For the second time, my producer and very talented writer, Michaelbrent Collings, approaches a 365 friend.

He does this as we are checking into our hotel, and before I have a chance to figure my path, I am chatting with the vivacious Janett, the front desk clerk at the joint we are staying at.

The front desk is busy, and to be totally honest, I need some sleep; tomorrow is a big day. For this reason, we decide to make our interview short.

One thing is overwhelming; Janett is full of energy, nothing but smiles from this girl. “I am always smiling, it makes everything better, and it’s contagious.” Janett is a poster child for positive attitude. I am instantly taken by her wit and maturity.

At twenty-one, she is already speaking of balance in life. “I’m working on having a life with less drama.”

We talk of priorities and the importance of education, focusing on the need for a life filled with good things.

Good things, like making smart choices. Janett is not partying like many at her age. She talks of healthy fun and how much she enjoys her job.

“You have to be open, it’s cool to get out there and smile at the world. I’m loving life and do enjoy working in hospitality. At the front desk I get to talk to lots of different people. It’s like traveling to other cultures.”

Janett speaks of smart choices? In following her example, It is time for me to make one. The day has been long, my eyes are drooping and the morning is approaching rapidly.

To that end, I must say good night my friends.

Tomorrow is another day.