SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 96: “Face Your Fear”

With the many through lines that are developing within my 365 journey, one that continues this week is the premise of the law of attraction.

As Allen stated a few days ago, I felt no fear as we hit the bunker.” Tonight’s entry builds on this thesis by continuing Allen’s introduction to the concept of “fear not.

It is late, the day has been full, and with two hotel stay days still left of the location assignment I am on, I find myself isolated in a very empty hotel lobby.

One of my crew friends, Tyler, runs into me and we decide to hit the lounge to see if we can meet a 365 friend.

Sitting at the bar, enjoying a quite dinner is Rebecca. Absorbed in conversation with the bar tender. I vicariously listen in the their topics, and although they are talking of mostly trivia, I am intrigued and reach out to her.

At first our dialogue is distant and forced. “Your project sounds interesting, but let me finish eating my dinner and I might be interested to be in it.” Rebecca comments.

Tyler and I continue our conversation and with the clock ticking away, I cross my fingers, hoping that Rebecca will allow me to interview her.

Not wanting to be an intrusion, we sit for some time, and when Rebecca requests her closing bill, I muster the courage to bother her once again.

At first she is reluctant, but as we converse the apprehension dissipates as we begin to talk of the negatives of the corporate world. Turns out that Rebecca is a very brave lady who has taken the leap of faith in leaving its comfort to follow her dream.

I have met some very powerful and amazing women over the last ninety-six days. So, it is no exception to that rule when, as Rebecca and I chat, I realize her wisdom is a direct pick up to so many of the threads established within 365.

As many have shared, she councils us to believe in our dreams and to follow them.

But, Rebecca takes it to a new level in issuing an unintentional challenge. In her words, “Fear is a motivator, feel it, and do it anyway, it could possibly be an affirmation of something you need to do. You may fail, but you can’t quite. In all things there is a lesson. And that lesson makes you stronger and a better person.”

I’m sure we have all felt fear. How many of us have the courage of Rebecca and actually take the plunge to face it.

Rebecca is listening to her dream. Leaving the salaried stability of steady employment in following her passion to help others. “I am a full time student working on my Masters in Psychology.”

“My thesis is centered on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)” Hearing this takes me back to my interview with Lucy, and her work against Human Trafficking. Lucy told me of the intensity of the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder suffered by the victims enslaved to the brothels and the hopelessness that many of them feel.

It is a warming encounter to meet a person like Rebecca, who is on course with the compassion and courage required to serve those ravaged by the paralysis of PTSD.

We spend a bit of time talking about her focus of treatment, “Emotional Freedom Technique (EFD)”. I am no Psychologist, but what Rebecca shares with me is very empowering.

“I want to help people to point their lives towards where they want to be.” I see the conviction in her eyes as she verbalizes this philosophy.

“Our minds are extremely powerful. Like computers, we just have to program them right.”

The bar tender walks over, “I am closing in a few minutes.”

Oh! Talk about terrible timing; we are on a killer topic. We find out we have around five minutes left before doors close.

Rebecca and I pick up the pace of our interview. To program our minds comments? A huge line of discussion, and one that at 11:00pm is just too weighty to fully discuss.

But here is my spin. “If need be, face the fear, feel the pain, do the work, apply the rules of forgiveness (to self and others) and continually strive to reframe disabling thoughts and behaviors.” Not easy to do, but very empowering if accomplished.

I wish I had a day to talk with Rebecca, but the lateness of the evening, accompanied by both of our busy work schedules, has made that impossible.

Yet, I do manage to record Rebecca’s general wishes for the future.

“I hope for a world where fighting ceases. It’s all driven by greed and the agenda’s of political parties. It would be wonderful to see people respecting each other as fellow humans. And, to intelligently work together in doing the right things.”

In closing Rebecca leaves us this sobering proposition. In all that we do, think about the “Seven Deadly Sins.”

Rebecca, your focus, compassion and courage to speak out is greatly appreciated.

It’s now 1:00am in my camp; Let’s all get some sleep now.