SideWalk Ghosts /Day 290: Home-To-Home Reach-Out: Second Call

Toronto, Canada

The Home-To-Home Reach-Out deadline is still open, and here is a view of where we are at this point.

Eighteen photos in so far, including the snap shot of my street. We have until this Wednesday, June 27 to add to the photo story. Most of what we have is from America. And, although I am extremely grateful for those of you who have sent your photos in, I must confess that I was so hoping for more of a global submission.

What you have sent is a wonderful eye opener, and your contribution is helping to bring us into each other’s neighborhoods. That alone is a very cool thing.

Yet, I am still hoping we not only receive more submissions from across America, but from lands and communities beyond its borders.

I have high expectations for this challenge, and I really need your support to make it what I think it can be. We are quickly becoming a world community. And for this cause, the Home-To-Home Reach-Out stands.

The more of the world we can represent, the more impactful the message can be. Please share… I promise to not publish your name, your story or anything other than the place of your photo.

Let us all unite in this challenge! 365 is nearing its end, seventy-six day left to its completion date.

We are way into the ride now, and I feel we are becoming an eclectic little family. One that as a whole can make a significant footprint in sending a sweet message, “The world is becoming a smaller planet.”

So again, I invite you to be part in helping 365 to shrink us together.

The goal: “I’d love to get another twenty or more photos.”

Thanks friends! Your readership and contributions are appreciated!


This one is quick and simple. I’m calling it the “Home-To-Home” reach-out.

Basically this, click a single snap shot of the street, lane, hallway, open field or whatever is within one hundred feet (about thirty meters) of your front door. It is up to you if you want to show your residence, yourself, friends or just an empty street. And, don’t stress if you are not a photographer. Quality is of no issue. No need to stress in thinking you have to create a genius photo – could even be a mobile device grab.

What is important is that you participate in sending us a submission. No matter what your situation… your story matters and I hope you choose to participate, for the greater the depth of submissions… the more powerful the message.

My desire is that this Home-To-Home reach-out will open our eyes to a broader understanding and empathy towards one another.

So from dirt street to apartment hall to house on the hill, it matters not. What is of resonance is the fact that we all inhabit the same planet, and in such, are all part of the same family human.

Sure, some have more and some have less. But that is rudimentary in regards to this reach-out. What is of importance is that we are willing to drop our walls in open arms to become an outreached community, a virtual neighborhood of sorts: One that realizes the beauty of its diversity and has a respect for the various conditions we all live in.

And in that quest for a broader unity, I cannot think of a better way of introduction than to take a stroll though each other’s community. So here we go on a virtual walk with new friends.

You have a couple of days to get your photos to me and I’ll publish them as a whole later this week.

Deadline for sending your pics is June 27, 2012.

If you can, please email me your shots sized at 600 pixels by 400 pixels (best if composed horizontal), that’s 6 inches by 4 inches at 72dpi. But whatever you email, try to keep it less than 1mb.

Please submit your photos to

In the subject line of your email:
HTH, First Name, Country, State or City

Title the file as follows:
HTH_First Name_Country_State or City.jpeg


Madrid, Spain
Alexandria, Virginia, USA
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Los Angeles, California, USA
Playa Del Rey, California, USA
Spokane, Washington, USA
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Springville, Utah, USA
Riverside, California, USA
Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Woodland Hills, California, USA
Orange, California, USA
Boise, Idaho, USA
Utah, USA
Toronto, Canada
West Los Angeles, California, USA