SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 289: “All Men Should Go Bald”

“All men should go bald… too many men fear what they don’t know. They will sit there… looking at themselves, doing their comb overs, trying to save their youth. But if at a younger age, they just stepped back, sheered it all off, and look at their heads that way, it would kind of get rid of their fear. And once we get rid of the fear, we can live an easier life.”

Ron and I unite in an affirmation to the sun blessed craniums of the world. Bald heads of the earth unite, and accept the skulls that we can now so confidently display. We are one, and our scalps are yours to appreciate.

Ron is a cool guy… unassuming, well-adjusted and extroverted. I feel fortunate to run into him this evening as we attend a backyard Italian dinner party thrown by a common friend of ours. It’s very refreshing, that in a yard full of people who walk in my usual circles, I find time to dine with a new acquaintance. A man who I am very proud to call friend. And to all of my friends who are reading this entry, “I still love you.”

But there is more meaning in Ron’s hair reference than meets the eye, for in it, is a statement much more powerful than vanity.

I look at is as a parable, the hair standing as the opinions of man, and the skin of the scalp being a symbol representing thy neighbor.

Defined further, once we shed our shroud of opinion (our hair), and look upon the people around us as simply other people. People who most likely have similar fears (replace loss of hair, to fear of fellow-man, judgment or whatever), we are more alike than we accept.

Ron grows his parable, “After you’ve tried shaving your head, it’s just a matter of being nice to each other. Don’t look at people as if they are doing something evil. Realize that they are doing something that is hopefully for the betterment of themselves or their families… Give them the chance.

Walk around in their shoes, I guess… And as long as there is a little bit more understanding out there… the world can be a better place.

And if I had any word to tell the people it would be to try to make the world a better place. It could be a really small thing. The small steps can make a big difference if we all do it.

I don’t understand how people can see the one side as being evil, when really they are just trying to live the way the believe.

It’s gonna get worse before it gets better. We are leaning towards kind of a breaking point. People are so diverse in their thoughts. Whether they are to the left or to the right… and that gap in the middle, which I have always rested comfortably on. It is becoming intolerant. There isn’t much to stand on because people are really feeling one way or the other.

The short-term is going to be rough. But I think sometimes it has to get really bad so you can rebuild.”

Ron, we hear you, and in the tone of solidarity, “Lets all grab our shavers and let the scalp shine…” That is metaphorically of course.

Let us fear not… Reaching out is easier than we think. Like Ron suggests, “It could be a really small thing. The small steps can make a big difference if we all do it.”

Oh man! I can’t believe it! I’m going to use the much over used Nike slogan (Hey Nike, can you throw 365 a little sponsorship money, we want to take it places).

Here we go and please forgive me, but it somehow works to support Ron’s advice.


… Just do it!

Have a great week my friend!

HOME-TO-HOME REACH-OUT: PLEASE SUBMIT (Deadline Extended to June 27)

The Home-To-Home Reach-Out is still open, Please submit your snap shots. We are up to eighteen pictures in so far. I’d love to have at least thirty pictures to publish. Your photos can truly help us to tell our story. So wherever you are… you need to know that you matter. And your courage in sharing with us a photo of the community in which you live is truly be a powerful tool in bringing us all closer together. Thanks my friends, I look forward to you submissions.