SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 271: “More People Need To Understand”

I’m still trying to run into a corporate friend. So today I take a stroll through the glass jungle of executive buildings, committing myself to interview the first person who I can engage with.

Up the street, are two girls singing, and although obviously not the corporate type, something about them draws me in. We talk for a while, but due to an under age issues, I pass on photographing them without guardian permission. We exchange cards and they promise to get back to us with parental consent. Hope they do.

Back to my walk I go, when I bump into a car as it exits a parking structure. “Opps, hello,” I greet in covering up my clumsiness.

The driver smile back at me, “Hello.”

I promised myself that I would approach the first person that speak with me, so despite the awkwardness of car exiting parking structure, I reach out with a 365 invitation.

“Why not,” Megan replies, and right there, right then, we talk.

Through the window I ask Megan for her words of advise.

“Be happy… Put out love and positivity as much as you can… Because that’s what makes us do as well and we do.” Megan responds without a flinch in her smiling attitude.

A life view that was immediately apparent to me via her accepting demeanor.

Here we are two strangers, brought together by coincidental geography. Or maybe by my unfocused walk in front of her car. But whatever the cause of our intersection, a message is unveiled.

Megan clarifies, “We need to steer towards being more tolerant and being more accepting of each other and the other beings on this planet, whether it be animals or plants or whatever.

I’m not sure as humans we will ever learn to be completely tolerant, but once we are more than we are now, that’s when we will get into a better place and we will be able to live together more harmoniously.”

Megan speaks of living together in harmony, probably the core to her pleasant personality and excitement to speak with us.

“I think in the near future I definitely see us gong down the wrong path. We’re not heading in a good direction at the moment, but I have faith in us, and I believe come thirty, forty, fifty years down, we will recognize the errors of our ways and hopefully take steps to correct it… To live as one on this planet that is so precious to us.

We may not all be able to see it the same way. But we need to be able to at least agree to disagree. If we have differing opinions, that’s fine; it does not make us enemies. I think that’s what more people need to understand.”

Megan, thanks for stopping.

And readers, I promise I will not give up on finding our executives.