SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 270: “It’s Like A Sidewalk Living Room”

Gina stands alone by the side of her minivan. A friendly faced person whose welcoming demeanor is hard to dismiss.

It takes about a second for us to meet eye to eye through my 365 introduction.

“Live just for today… Stay in the now… Because now is what matters.” Gina shares in expressing her words of wisdom.

Gina is an extrovert, to the point, and exuberantly happy. Yet in her outgoing attitude and calming charm, she keeps her responses brief.

I ask our question of the future.

Gina is eloquently succinct, “That we all can live together as a community.”

Mid sentence her Granddaughter Arian joins us. I had no idea Gina was accompanied. Turns out that she, her family and a close friend have all stopped for snacks at a nearby catering truck.

Arian gives us her words, “We should have a better president than Obama, he is one of the worst Presidents ever. He raises gas prices!” We all smile, some in agreement, others not sure. But out of the mouths of babes often comes the most unbridled and honest responses.

The rest of the family walks up. All are eager to contribute their thoughts.

Family friend Yadira volunteers to break the ice, “It’s not what the world offers you… it’s what you offer to the world.

There is only one race… the human race. So therefore, there is no difference.”

Yadira is very spiritual and relates her life attitude to the laws of nature. “We just transmuted into the Aquarius, so now the universe is moving us, or those who are adaptable, into what the hearts desire will manifest… not what the head tells you.

So it’s not about a dog-eat-dog world; it’s about doing and acting for no other reason than the actual hearts desire toward humankind.

Hopefully, everybody walking this Earth takes the time to find themselves in mediation. Like at the Japanese or Chinese gardens that just opened up here, or a meditation area. And I hope that people can learn to stop, to have no actual thought other than visualization. That they will become more human.”

Louis – AKA Dog (Gina’s significant other) seconds Gina’s outlook. “Live in the moment,” He advises.

Gina smiles, “After 27 years together we better be on the same page.”

I really like these guys. We’re standing on the sidewalk, but it feels more like spending time in the living room of a close friends home.

“Dog what are your hopes for the future?” I reach out.

Now Dog is an intimidating looking man. And if I was to prejudge in any way, the assumption might be that he is difficult to approach.

And Dog, please forgive me if I offend you in this comparison. But I do it for a purpose. As many of whom I have approached have had a similar edge as yours. Yet almost all of them had the greatest wisdom’s to share, and as you, walk with the gentlest of spirits. Your words are an example for us all to take the time and to have the courage to make a stand towards resolve.

Like Gina, Dog is to the point, “I hope that one day we can sit down and discuss all of our differences. That we can stop all the wars… Stop all the killing.

I’m tired of wasting money on bullets; we need to put it to good… like use it to feed the people. That’s where I like to see us heading.”

“We are planting seeds,” I express in reflecting on the many concepts, concerns and words of our 365 family. That bridges us as to a discussion that highlights the findings from our noble generation of the sixteen to twenty-five year olds. Most of whom have said that they are starting to see the light of what the world can become. And in this, we talk of the empowerment that we all possess to do our part in planting the right seeds of thought, of values and of respect towards fellow human in the mind of our youth.

We all agree on the challenge… and to the last voice to hear we direct of focus, Daughter of Dog and Gina… Kittie.

The whole conversation Kittie has been intently listening as she enjoys one of the best looking plates of Nachos I’ve seen in a long time.

Kittie is an obvious giver. Here I am, a noticeable stranger, and although we are, for the moment united in 365, it’s not like she has known me all of her life.

“Would you like a Nacho?” she offers me some of her snack.

At first, I’m a little shy to interrupt her enjoyment of the treat… But after a second reassuring, “Are you sure?” I accept the offer.

With my mouth full of jalapeno and cheek covered with cheese, I mutter out, “What would you tell the world?”

“Wow, I don’t really have any advice… I don’t know,” Kittie humbly confesses.

The family jumps to attention. “Come on… What is the first thing that pops into your mind…? It does not have to be prefect, just honest… You have something to say, we know it!”

“Put some clothes on. Have some respect for yourself and don’t lie,” Kittie responds.

Kittie has hit it out of the park.

I have a very young daughter, even a few years younger than Arian. In the blink of and eye, I know Kittie is a good mother.

In today’s world, immorality, poor values and the deepening grasp of vice is ever-present all around us. And with this, much of it starts with the self-image we have of ourselves.

Kittie says, “Have some respect for yourself and don’t lie.” What better council is there?

Gina steps up with a final word of social acceptance, “We all have to respect each other. People are doing the best they can with what they have.”

I wipe the last of the Nacho cheese from my cheek, and with gratitude, not only for the trust departed to me this day in the welcoming acceptance of my street approach… but more poignantly, for being allowed into the make do sidewalk living room of a very fine family.

Gina, Dog, Kittie, Arian and Yadira, thank you for allowing me into your home.

I sincerely hope to run into you again, my friends.