SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 272: Breaking Away… from Pickles

Today Richard and our daughter have been out most of the day, along with a trusted colleague, doing some location scouting for an upcoming project. Whatever he is doing, wherever it takes him, he always takes along his photo gear and keeps his eyes open for new 365 friends.

Today is day 272 and Richard’s track record for meeting someone new and blogging about the experience is stellar — I believe he has only missed a time stamp for a specific day once (by 1 minute), and he has only asked me to write his blog entry for him twice. I’m very proud of him.

So this afternoon I am a little surprised when he called me from the road and asked me for a  favor – “I’m trying to get home,” he pleads, “but I cannot make it back in time to get my story written before the time stamp turns over for the day. Could you please let everyone know that I have photographed and interviewed our new friends for today, I’ve even got the photos ready to go, but I cannot get their story written for a few more hours?”

I am so happy he called when he did — my friend and I have been canning pickles all day. I was just cleaning up the last traces of pickling brine when the call came, and I have to admit, I’m tired — and the floor still needs to be mopped (salty, sugar splatters on the floor – argh!).  But now I get to take a break, sit down in a cool room and write. I’m good with that!

Meet Brian and Michael, our new friends for day 272! Check back in a few hours and Richard will tell you all about them and what they have to tell us!