SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 269: “A Sane Man”

Last night we all me Senita, an amazing person with a wonderful spirit, a woman who possesses the courage and power to influence change. We met her at a coffee-house on the corner of Wilshire and Detroit, a trendy little area that we locals refer to as the Miracle Mile District.

We finished or chat at 9:00pm and as we said our farewells I was grabbed by the architecture, the stormy sky and the starkness of the cityscape. My artistic mind pulled, and for whatever reason I found myself doing a study of the corner traffic signal.

I framed my shot and started shooting when a voice peeked over my shoulder. “That’s a really nice camera.”

Now, I’m not oblivious to the fact that I was a walking target for a mugging or solicitation, so I turned, not so much in a defensive posture, but more with a horizon scanning awareness, prepped to make a quick move if needed.

“What are you shooting?” my street side stranger inquired.

Tim the night I meet him.

His name is Tim and at first handshake I knew he had something to say. I tell him about 365 and invite him to interview another time (I’ve already conducted an interview in speaking with Senita).

We chat for a while, but due to a commitment that he is heading to, we mutually agree to meet up today at the same corner of Wilshire and Detroit.

So here we are… 9:00pm… same place… different night… changed wardrobe.

I bring with me my friend Omar (Not pictured), who has kept me company for the forty-five minute drive needed to get here. And it is so worth the commute.

With the permission of Tim, he allows us to know of his fight for sanity. Tim is a diagnosed Paranoid Schizophrenic. But crazy he is not. Rather he is remarkably sane and well-balanced. He holds a long-standing and well-respected job, talks with the greatest of awareness and looks his disease square in the face with his acceptance of the medications and treatments that he is so disciplined in holding to.

Tim tells us of times where he has heard voices in his head and of how he recognizes them for what they are: Symptoms of his disease.

At first, and in protection of Tim, I was not going to tell you about his condition.

But with courage Tim has asked me to be open in speaking with you about him. “If you don’t talk honestly about me, then what good is your article. People need to know that this disease it manageable, and that they can’t give up on life or let it overcome them. You can have a great life as a Schizophrenic.”

Like I said, “I knew Tim had something to say.”

Tim, Omar and I grab a seat in front of a sandwich shop and talk for about an hour.

We talk of spirituality, family, health and conspiracy theories, something Tim openly admits is a common thought trap for many a Paranoid Schizophrenic. “I follow the stuff and believe a lot of it. But I am really careful to not get too sucked into it. I’m careful because it is so addictive.” Tim stands strong in his focus on the real and tangible.

In talking with Tim, It is apparent that much of what he believes is well sounded and rife with reason.

Tim makes no standing on table orations, tells of no imaginary friends, and is as articulate as a seasoned research scientist. His enthusiasm and intellect is infectious and his sense of respect for others is radiant.

Tim greatest wish for the world, “People need to show true love and tolerance… regardless…

…Because you never know what someone has been through that makes them tick the way that they do. And I mean everything and everyone…except the government.”

Tim has the bragging right to make his claim of tolerance. His condition has led to great turmoil and trial, but his countenance gleams of victory and of hope for a better world. If that is crazy, them I must be a Paranoid Schizophrenic too.

And per the notion of conspiracy, I’ll admit, (and Tim has accepted my perspective), the depths of my theories do not rum as deep as Tim’s. But what is really revealing is that he does not persecute me for my lessor stance on his theories of conspiracy. He even talks with the most impressive of acceptance.

I’m not discrediting E.T.’s, but if they’re out there… maybe their just like us.”

What I do see eye to eye with Tim is his general opinion of society becoming too complacent, and his theories of the world’s majority being manipulated by the money mongers and political hidden agendas.

“Too many people blindly follow the media…” Tim advises… “’That in addition to the world becoming more greedy, lustful, envious and gluttonous is what is leading to people getting lazy, prideful and malicious. It’s sad to see, and though it is what it is, one doesn’t have to beat them, nor join them (the masses).

Anyone who cares enough to not to be a victim would hopefully consider things like MK Ultra and not get distracted by everything that glitters.

If I could suggest anything… it would be to not throw in the towel… to not give in! But instead, to take a stand in self-educating themselves in considering the sources of what they see and hear…

…That we learn not to ever say, ‘Some guy told me.’

I encourage people to find out for themselves. To not believe much of anything the media says. Much of it is masked with halve-truths.

People need to ultimately strive to be a good, regardless of the law of what goes around comes back full circle. They just need to do the right thing and not be indifferent.

I often think about the concept of good vs. evil. If it really does exist, which one is more powerful? If one can breed life… Then possibilities can be infinite. If one only causes destruction… Then I guess there is not much room for anything, and then there is only nothingness. But that’s just my opinion, or perhaps just my perception.

Personally, I refuse to be led blindly. And thanks to movies like ‘Inside Job,’ websites like ‘Wikileaks’ and documentaries like ‘Loosechange,’ people’s eyes may hopefully be opened to take a stand before it’s too late.

The government is doing everything it can to take the power away from the people, and its tragic that we’re letting it. In short, I’d suggest that people practice love and tolerance, except toward the government. To educate themselves and to wake up in smelling the roses before we fall asleep.’”

Tim wraps up with a personal disclosure. “’I don’t want anyone the think they have to believe what I believe. I may be wrong… I may be right. But it’s what I believe. In the end all I ask is that everyone does they’re research… basically, ‘To just go and find out for themselves.’”

Tim, you are a sane man, and I am proud to call you my friend.