SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 170: “Anarchy Scares Me”

Let us keep moving forward in our effort to unite as a people. Day 170 has hit us and 365 is moving so fast. I can’t believe that in less than two weeks we will be at the halfway point. Not sure how we are going to celebrate this mid-point mark. If anyone has a suggestion, please pass it on. And whatever we decide to do, lets thinks of a way to get the message out further.

“We are all in this thing together,” I never get tired of saying it, and I sincerely hope it is becoming a mantra to us all. One-by-one may we pass it forward as a tribute to the individual influence we are to the world around us. We are a powerful bunch and with our united voice the combined acts we carry forward are nothing to ignore.

I know, it’s crazy to me in seeing how my photographer’s blog has evolved to carry a social message. And weirder yet, I’m starting to become an activist of some kind. That is something that has occurred beyond my control. I must express my appreciation to all who have helped to form the basis of my blogs content, over 200 photographs, and in excess of 150,000 words to date. All with meaning that is not of me, but of my strangers turned friends. Perspectives that are further fueled by the dedicated following of you, my readers. Please keep the comments coming. And by all means, keep passing it on.

I run into another friend today who edifies our effort in seeing beyond the veil of cultural difference, “Don’t let religious differences or politics get in the way of us existing globally. What is important is the health of the planet and learning to coexist peacefully,” Opening advice from producer, father and writer, Rusty.

I meet Rusty at the garage sale of another new friend of mine. Garage sale is a huge understatement. It is more of a high-end gem and antique store hidden in the veins of suburbia lifestyle.

I’d like to spend this whole entry talking on my buddies sale, but needless to say, the story here has to be dedicated to Rusty.

Rusty expresses a concern regarding a block to the world he wishes for. A world where more will have a greater respect for the environment and humanity. “Corporate greed will not let that happen,” he warns.

Yet he does expose a glimmer of hope in charging us to duty. “It is kind of scary seeing what is happening, but in this is the age of information, we can create a domino effect in getting the word out, to open people’s eyes. We have the ability to stir up the pot.”

I have kids; I’m worried about this country and about what the future will bring for them, and us all.

In the 50’s we worried about Russia and the cold war. My children won’t have to deal with things like that. Now the war is with ourselves, and I wonder what is going on behind the closed doors of corporations and politics. But it is good that more and more people are starting to open their eyes.”

“How do we repair the damage,” Rusty proposes.

He answers his own query, “We have to become proactive, I don’t want to see a collective anarchy or people over reacting. Anarchy scares me, but if we do fall to it, I hope that once the dust settles, we will be in a better place.”

Even tough Rusty and I speak of the worries of anarchy there is a real peace in our conversation. A peace that I will admit is core to my spiritual outlook on life. But a peace that has been strengthened by the many who have graciously accepted my invitations to contribute to 365. And yes, even those who have mocked me over the last few months have collectively contributed to the song that we are beginning to sing.

There are a lot of great people on this planet; I know this first hand in meeting many of them. For this, I am grateful for Rusty’s words.

May we all be united in building a better planet. The time is right and the seeds are planted. It is up to us to nurture the garden in growing respect for one another. One kind word or act is more influential than we think. As Rusty advises, “We have to become proactive.”