Sidewalk Ghosts / "So Go My Romantic Notions"

So go my romantic notions of the perfect launch party for “Operation-365” – the next step in our continued outreach to understand our neighbors. And you know what… I’m actually happier with this more subtle approach in formally announcing the start of this life-changing endeavor with a short blog entry.
No fan fair tonight, much more subdued than that. The actuality, here I am, sitting in the hallway of the local YMCA, perched with all the other proud parents of children practicing in ballet class. No, I’m not a stalker, quite the opposite. Just a home schooling dad hanging with all the other mom’s as we, like the coaching staff of an Olympic team, carefully observe our kids through the wire reinforced windows of “Exercise Room One.”

March 27 2013 photo
I give thanks to new friend Kate (not pictured), who with the use of my trusty iPhone takes this photo to prove what a YMCA dad looks like as he writes.

Perhaps this is the quite moment I’ve been waiting for to receive the jolt of inspiration as to the right time to launch Operation-365 (the natural progression of our charter outreach, “Project-365”).
I’ll confess, back in October, when I announced that we would be launching phase two of 365, I think I might have been a tad too ambitious when I said I would have an update by the end of October. In hindsight, I had no idea of how long it would actually take to develop the design, content and back-end of where we now are. And quite frankly, even with this launch, there is still much more work to do. Looks like we really are in this thing together.
But as for perfection, we can wait no longer, I miss all of you, my new friends, far too much the delay any longer. We are close enough to launch, so here we go.
Even worse, my typing fingers are beginning to atrophy, weak from the lack of keyboard time. They are hungry and aching for the feel of laptop nirvana. The YMCA hallway has whispered into my ear, “now is the time!”
Thus, without further delay, “welcome, to Operation-365 my friends.”
So to you, all my loyal readers… I’m back. To all who are joining us for the first time… we embrace you and look forward to what you have to say. And, to all of us… here we go, at ground level, to witness the birth of a new city. One who’s boarders are limitless, open to all who desire to examine fellow man with open hearts, minds and eyes.
Now, I will be continuing to contribute to the blog portion of Operation-365, and I promise you that my writing will not silence. However, I’m fairly certain that I will not be entering on a daily basis as I did during the lifespan of Project-365. I promise the interviews of strangers will not cease, and I will continue to do my part in keeping my chin up and eyes open to the world around me as I steer the development of Operation-365.
For two focused years, in addition to a lifetime, have I invested in looking upon my fellow man with an examining heart. In doing so, I’ve been ceaseless in spouting our “chin up and eyes open to the world” mantra; a challenge that has blossomed to become both very personal to my own development as a human as well as a resounding motivation behind the reasoning of Operation-365, and its initiatives. With this, you’ll probably notice a tab titled “Interview-365.” Through it, I encourage you to share your words and photos with us. Think of it as a place where you can go to do your part in touching the lives of the many who have chosen to become citizens of our global community.
You and I… the silent majority… everyday people… living our lives the best we can; a magnificently diverse group of strangers… who in a vicarious way have become friends in a shared cause that is uniquely personal; yet, very empowering in calling each of us to expand our ever-growing community of understanding.
Like I mentioned in opening this entry, “so goes my romantic notions of the perfect launch party for the beginnings of Operation-365.” And having this moment of happy hallway time has provided me the much-needed brain waves to write this announcement entry.
I accept… there are no fireworks. I agree… no anthem is needed. And, without a doubt… no grand marketing campaign has begun. Just as did Project-365 commence, so to is Operation-365.
Funny though, something just feels right about beginning the next phase of our grand outreach this way, humbly, honestly and from the heart.
Welcome to Operation-365… May we continue to awake in building our bridges the a greater understanding.
Talk soon my friends,