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There I was, walking my neighborhood saying hi to all my neighbors. Felt strangely like Ozzie on an outing to borrow a cup of sugar for Harriet. No not Ozzy Osborn, but Ozzie Nelson.



Ozzie Nelson?

If you don’t know the vintage sitcom, Ozzie and Harriet were the ideal TV family and ran on ABC from October 3, 1952 to September 3, 1966. A fourteen-year run that was quite remarkable for its longevity. For trivia, here is a Wikipedia link, and if you’re bored, curious or just plain nostalgic, here is a link to YouTube episodes.

Back to the story: I was on the streets, strolling house by house, ignoring the graffiti and feeling mighty full of 50’s style neighborly love.

I rounded a corner and behind the barrier of an old school picket fence house rose the energy and laughter of Alishia and her mother Valerie. I came upon them right as they began a game of front yard badminton.


I mustered my courage and somewhat fearing the possible blows of long-handled racquets, a fear brought on by my remembrance of the thrashing I received just the day before from a less than friendly person I had approached. A guy who pushed me into on-coming traffic, so I gingerly approached them to ask if they would allow me to take their picture.

No racquet swung, we chatted for a short time and realizing that we shared a similar point-of-view of what I was publishing, Alishia accepted the offer to be interviewed and photographed.



  • Observe and Share Everything •
  • Practice Humility in Every Situation •
  • Value Community •

Lot’s of wisdom from a young woman of 21! Wouldn’t you agree?

I was only three days into the beginnings of Sidewalk Ghosts, but one constant was already emerging:  “A vast majority of people were willing and wanting to share.”

Talk tomorrow my good friends,


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