Sidewalk Ghosts / A Quick Entry – Travel Log Style

11:30am: Early lunch with family, I sat in uncomfortable chair at breakfast joint. Almost decided to photograph and interview Chef Abraham. Discouraged by the lunch rush, I passed on the prospect.

1:00pm: Fry’s Electronics. Bought blue-tooth keypad for iPad and spent enjoyable 30 minutes in demo massage chair. Healed from the terrible ergonomics of entry one. Still figuring the project out, I readied to comfortably blog day 2 of the first 2 years of the daily interviews that founded Sidewalk Ghosts.

4:00pm: The day was burning, embarked on forced quest for stranger two, Found myself at shopping center and denied by one very cool looking person. First aggressive rejection of countless more to come; left dry lump in throat as to if I was crazy doing this project.

4:30pm: Tugged into Golfsmith by my 8-year-old daughter. First wanted to be a dentist, then cowgirl, then Egyptologist, then doctor, then stunt girl, now golf pro. Break down and buy her a 7 iron.

4:45pm: Price golf lessons, $1000 for roughly 10 lessons! *#! Wholly Heck!!

5:00pm: Left store resolved to find better way to spend beginnings of daughter’s college fund.

[6:00]m: Went to driving range instead.

[6:45]sh: Arrived to Encino California, Ready Golf Driving Range. All was well.

7:00pm: Hit ATM, withdrew cash for golf club rental.

7:01pm: Reluctantly ate $3 ATM fee!!

7:05pm: Approached strangers Daniel and Donal. Good guys, they stepped in.

One Was Mostly Silent, The Other Chose To Be Invisible.


As quoted by Irish cigar toting golfing buddy Donal.“Daniel, the genuine article, and a gentleman to boot.”

These two guys were great. Would have been nice to get Donal on camera as well, but he left all stage honors to Daniel. We small talked for about 20 minutes and captured this photo of Daniel, An accountant, moved to Los Angeles from New York in 2006 to get closer to better golfing.

He kept it simple by sharing a quick philosophy,“I’d rather roam on a golf course than be stuck at a desk.”

The Man Was A Golf Ball Cannon – SERIOUSLY!


7:30pm: Stepped onto mat and began hitting drives with my daughter, as we did, kept hearing a solid crack and watched balls escape over the horizon’s fence as they exited the driving range at over 300 yards. There was no way I was leaving without photographing the golf ball mangling man that was to our left. The guy’s drive was no joke.

Brent, Online marketing dude at Avatar Labs– a very cool Entertainment advertising agency. Turned out we knew a few of the same people. Who would have thought? Began to realize just how small the world could be.

A minimalist, he shared these words of wisdom, “Life is Good!”

Talk tomorrow my good friends,


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