Sidewalk Ghosts / Interview 404 Part Two: "The Hood Is My Heart… And My Heart Is The Hood…"

“You can’t live in a bubble… there is no way…” —Dolores Sheen


I don’t know… just sitting here watching the render bar time out, has given me pause as I struggle to figure the best way to summarize the effects Dolores has had on me. Trying to give her justice in representing her wisdom and long history is a rather humbling experience. One that I hope has been somewhat engaging for you. Even though I did my best to keep todays edit brief, and after screening a few hours of footage, a five-minute segment was the shortest I could cut.

Meeting Dolores is like stepping into a vault of history. Like a virtual documentary her stories of meeting presidents, first ladies, and triumphs at the United Nations shadow the reports I’ve seen through many a news feed. Yes, Dolores is the real deal, and having spent time with her has truly made me a better person. My hope is that I introduced her fairly, and that you, my good 365 friends, appreciate the words she has given to us.

So with a warm heart, it is time for us to part ways after this episode. Yet it is with the greatest of appreciation, we dedicate one more day to you Dolores, my dear new friend.

 Talk tomorrow,