Sidewalk Ghosts / Interview 400: Prologue – Cinderella & Shaved Ice

rainOK, here is the situation. Rain, rain and more rain. Not many people on the streets to approach, and on the cuff of that, today is a family day I cannot miss. My daughter’s first audition nailed her the lead in Cinderella. With hours to posting time and no new interview in the can, the beads of sweat begin to hit my forehead in thinking I am going sink into blogumentary commitment oblivion. How sad in would be too loose momentum at the crest of month two. My family will stand by my side in sacrificing any hour, but there is no way I can miss “performance one” of my girls stage debut.

shaved iceI sit, somewhat paralyzed watching the clock tick by as the rain pounds on the roof. Then it hits me… “Go get shaved Ice!”

“You selfish sod, Richard, thinking about your own sweet tooth when you are supposed to be there for your daughter and us, your readers!”

Wait, wait, wait! You’ve got me all wrong. The shaved ice idea is not about satisfying my taste buds, or numbing my responsibilities with a grand sugar rush. Exactly the opposite. My reasoning, listening to the voice in my head that reminds me of the woman who runs our local ice shaving haunt. I’ve passed her many a time, and sadly do not know a thing about her, so I go.

Jaymie is her name, and after officially meeting her, I now understand why I was pulled to interview her.

cinderellasEven as I write this entry, I am screening the footage of our time together, but in respect to my family, I must regretfully split today’s entry into two postings. There is no way I can finalize the edit before I have to depart.

The basic reason for two entries is pretty straight forward. First, to make our time stamp and to let you know that I am not faltering on my promise to post an episode a day; and secondly, to give you a heads up that Jaymie’s interview will be posted later this evening.

Thanks for your understanding… now I’m off to the ball!

See you in a few hours my good friends,