Sidewalk Ghosts / Interview 399: “Under The Thunder”

“I think love, forgiveness and compassion are three things that we cannot have enough of in our lives, we often forget to give to ourselves…” —Matt


It’s a thunderous day today, and I’m water-logged rushing to make today’s time stamp. Not a bad thing, California has been going through a rough a drought and the rain is quite a blessing. But as the clouds rages, I find my self-wading in my own storm of turbulence.

Seems that half of my audio of today’s interviews of 3 amazing new friends has gone astray, corrupted by a faulty microphone cable. My monitoring was perfect, just the signal to the camera went south on us. Or should I say, became all washed up (Oh Richard, please, for the sake of all humanity, stop with rain metaphors).

But there is a silver lining… Of our three awesome new friends, (Lidia, Cindy and Matt), turns out that Matt’s words were salvageable. So Lidia, Cindy, please accept my sincerest apologies. If you would like to get together to interview, just get in touch with me. We can call this first go around a rehearsal.

Matt, the stage is yours, and I have a feeling that Lidia and Cindy are OK with what your sharing. Your words truly do sum up what you all had to say.

Talk tomorrow my good friends,