Sidewalk Ghosts / Interview 389: “Beautiful Music”

“We need to all live together as a single unit. Care about each other, It’s not about race or religion. It’s about people. I’m blind, which means I’m color blind. Everybody is just a person and we need to view people as equals…” —Sean


They are called CRE OUTREACH – Theatre by the blind.
The show is called “Walk Me Home:” A fitting title for a group of people who have literally touched on the very subject of community. Jenifer is her name and upon spotting her sitting for a break (outside of an alley building in Santa Monica), I invite her to O-365 Blogumentary. A little resistant at first, she agrees as she quickly edits her response. “My boyfriend is inside rehearsing for a show that his all-blind theatre troupe in producing, we should go see if they are interested.”

Two minutes later I’m standing center stage, introducing 365 to a room full amazing people. I look around getting to know the cast and as I do, I realize I’ve been invited into a melting pot of culture and personal history. Heads nod and faces smile with a wisdom that profiles me not. I’m humbled by this acceptance and quickly am relieved from the insecurities I felt at first invite. My heart is warmed as I think, “this is the way we all need to treat each other.”

There is a negative saying in the world. One that (forgive me friends of CRE) is used far to flippantly by one to many an eye-sighted person. That phrase, “The blind leading the blind.” What an insensitively written premise and one that I am ashamed to publish in digital domain. But in authoring its review, I call us to accountability.

Some may inquire. “Richard, why are you beating on us, Operation-365 is supposed to be a feel good read?”

Know that I love you guys and no terse tone is meant in this entry today. Really quite the opposite, it’s just sometimes we meet people who shake us up to gaze upon the positive. Today is such a day. For in a quite alley, and through Jennifer’s reserved outreach this afternoon, our vision has been opened.

The answer remains to be felt and a poignant question is posed. Who is leading who?

I have no definitive answer and leave it to each of us for thoughtful consideration. Yes, a ballot has been cast and our minds have been opened (all thanks to a room full of visionary people).

To sum it up let us meet musician Sean, our new friend (no, new spokesman) of Operation-365).

I’ve promised not to submit to the advertisers of the world in allowing them to exploit the reach of Opeation-365. Yet, after meeting the troupe of CRE Outreach, it would be utterly wrong to not promote what they do. So here you go. Lets see if we can fill their performances!

Walk me home

When Tristan, a blind High School Senior is suddenly faced with the return of his absentee, alcoholic father, he finds a friend in Ashley, his new neighbor and classmate who is also blind. As Ashley fights for freedom from her overprotective parents, the two help each other navigate the turbulent waters of their senior year and realize that their connection is stronger than either of them could have anticipated.

But just as Tristan is forced to confront his father, their bond is threatened when Ashley is faced with the choice of staying with Tristan or attending a prestigious college. At the end of the day, will their love for each other withstand the current, or will the tide pull them in opposite directions?


Talk tomorrow my good friends,