Sidewalk Ghosts / Interview 388: More Love Than Expected

“Sharing is the most important thing in life… and when it comes to sharing we get to know people better than who we are…” —Milton


It’s a crazy day, slammed with deadline and commitments. Even as I write this I’m rushing to make a meeting. That’s the way it is when doing a 365 consecutive day outreach. I’ve done them before and this go-around is no different. But in the midst of the mad dash to make daily entries, comes the greatest of payoffs, one that I reach out in asking you to try.
No, I’m not challenging you to structure your life to a daily blog, or forcing any heavy addition to your already busy schedules. What I ask is much simpler: Take breath to engage with those around you. For it is around the edges of our self-focused agenda’s where many a jewel of unity can be found.
Today is such a day. For as I rush from place to place, I force myself to take a short hike. But it is more than a slowdown… it is a let go. With only a little over a week into O-365 blogumentary I’m already seeing a calming change in my heart rate (Even though the daily editing and writing routine is quite time-consuming).
That change I credit to one major cause, the turning of my focus away from myself and towards my fellow human (hearing an overwhelming expression of love from people I don’t even know). There in lies a challenge (and motivator) for all of us. That we may all take pause to look, listen and see the people around us. In this might we, as today’s friends, Milton and Manny have clearly spoken, “get to know people better than who we are.”
Operation-365… we were once “Strangers… now we are “Friends.”
Talk tomorrow my friends,