Sidewalk Ghosts / Interview-365: "We are all in the same sand box"

WendieWe’re happy to share our second response to Interview-365, Wendie from Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada. Thank to all who are beginning to take part in our survey. As soon as we hit the first fifty responses, we’ll publish the link to the demographic statistics. That way we’ll begin to see the scope of the community we are creating.
Operation-365… the power of one voice is remarkable!
Question One:
If you had the stage and all the world were listening… What words of wisdom, council or advice would you share?
 Question Two:
I’m not confident we will change a great deal in the next 100 years unless people in general wake up and realize we are all in the same sand box and it’s getting pretty messy in here. No matter a person’s faith or spiritual beliefs, the reality is we share one very small planet and we need to take care of it and each other or we will kill it and ourselves.
I heard a young man recently on a TV offer some of the wisest words I have ever heard. He said,”If we go back far enough we all have the same mother and father so let’s just decide to get along.” Makes sense to me. Religion, politics, other human institutions and prejudices divide us rather than unite us. The best piece of advice I could give is to treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Hopefully that would be with grace and gratitude. Love is so much easier than hate.