SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 345: “Serendipity, Karma, Fate, Accident, Coincidence?”

Serendipity, Karma, Fate, Accident, Coincidence or any other theories from Gestalt to a broad range of reference on a number of laws of attraction, all concepts to consider in the meeting of today’s strangers turned friends, Autumn and Jason.

And I promise that I am not wearing any symbolic pendant or sporting any form of religious apparel. So you are safe in the knowledge that you aren’t being led towards jumping off any new age pier or be recruited to a cultish fellowship in my opening references of cosmic powers.

I’m not trying to lean towards the spiritual or supernatural, but I have to say, that there have been way too many experiences in my 365 travels, which through a great variety of situations, has proven to me the idea of attraction is not to be ignored.

Proven by truths that have revealed themselves via the notion of equal does actually attract equal. Truths that have also led me on darker paths that contrastively showcase a sadder side of this human experience. That being the equally suggestive findings that negative outlooks do manifest themselves in attracting the same.

And within the two sides of these scales of reference is the place where most of us exist as we try to figure out exactly how to navigate our futures and master self.

So in the middle I comfortably sit, not rich, not poor… not ill, corrupted our contemptuous… but still nowhere near any nirvana of mental, physical and spiritual balance.

Some days are overflowing with amazing gifts and inspiration, others straight-line me like miles of still water. Yet in either, and for all of us, there is opportunity to understand. The challenge in doing so is really quite easy, requires no capital investment, no hours of psychological treatment and no exposing of any vulnerable self-issue. Only three tools are needed to survive, and even flourish in this middle ground of life: The ability to look, the desire to listen, and the discipline to hear. All attributes that collide with me today in the meeting of Autumn and Jason.

It started with a distant sighting of Autumn (as she walked on the sidewalk) during a commute with my family. When only a block from my home my wife leans to me in saying, “Go talk to her,” as she synch’s in noting Autumn walking in the direction of our home.

Into the driveway I rip and off to my office I sprint in grabbing my equipment… The race begins in not wanting to lose track of our recently spotted stranger. I find myself doing a side swaying racing walk as I bank around a corner just ahead of where we first took glimpse of Autumn… But she is nowhere in sight.

Well… I’m out of the house now. And with camera in hand I decide to keep moving in my South bound stroll. It a good thing that I do. For on the next block I again see Autumn as she is stopped in conversation with Jason.

I approach them respectfully. Not wanting to be too interruptive of a conversation that I assume is between familiar friends. To my amazement, this is not the case.

Per Jason, “I don’t know Autumn, forty-four days ago I committed to meet a stranger every day and as I was driving she caught my attention. So I stopped to talk to her.”

I’m floored! Seems Jason is on the same path as I and he too has felt of whatever vibe Autumn is giving off.

It’s beyond me, but for some reason, I feel we are supposed to be talking. Without reservation the three of us find ourselves engulfed in conversation with a feeling that is reminiscent of friends known for life. The comfort level we share is overwhelming, even sharing hugs and departing sentiments in the closing of our short time together. Per the words of Jason, “This has been the highlight of my day.”

“Oh my goodness…” Autumn expresses in bridging her council to us all, “…and I have to put my ego aside to say that we all have the same answer within us. We are the reflection of one another… God living through us to experience itself, and the loving wisdom of the universe; the answer, and the key, is to love one another, and, if we do, then we can love ourselves.”

Jason ads (and remember we are all total strangers), “Always look for that good in somebody… no matter what walk of life, or whatever that person is, there is always something. Any human on Earth has that something good inside of them. You may have to search deeper, but we need to try to find that goodness in all people…

…In a nutshell… try to connect with as many people as you can and find out the good in each person. That is why I am doing what I am doing.”

We look ahead, Autumn presents her findings, “I’m living in the present moment.” she paraphrases. “Memories of the past is a gone technology. I don’t need to recall all these little files of my past experiences. So as far as being in the moment and projecting that to what the future will be like for others. The only hope that I would have is that human beings, as they return within and live the higher consciousness. The consciousness we are meant to experience on Earth now; the human nature… to create and co-create. That we may choose to co-create the higher consciousness as a collective.”

Jason takes cue. “I’m not trying to piggy back off what Autumn said, but in my journey I’ve found myself, especially in the last year and a half, searching for that higher consciousness. And to just be in control of emotions and stuff like that.”

This is such a trippy afternoon, one that leads me to let go of trying to control, or even understand what draws us all together. But one thing I cannot deny is the spirit that is dwelling with Autumn, Jason and myself this summer day.

Jason propels us to consider a more united society, “A hundred years from now…? It would be ideal if everybody can be in tune with their higher man and all operating in their higher consciousness.”

Autumn comes back to center with a strong challenge, one that is interestingly presented in the most peaceful tone, “So again… we need to get beyond all the civil bullshit… the terrorism… the ego I-am… and get into the collective I-am; to ascend beyond these lower realms in which we have been living.”

“Right…” Jason aligns (it’s like these two have known each other forever). “…Beyond religious barriers and certain sects that kind have of imprisoned some people… We have to try to connect with that higher being… All one synchronized movement… all in one.”

He tells of his journey, “If I could try to get a grasp of what consciousness is. How to tap into certain energy levels and stuff like that… If somebody could make me understand that…”

And with a wonderful Jamaican accent, Jason (as Autumn has done) takes a breath in challenging us, “…I think that it is our moral responsibility to be able to help people that way. Just like we say, we are all humans. And if one person is working on a lower frequency, we all have the responsibility to try to show him how to get to the next level.

For example: If it is an addiction, then we have to find out what is causing a person’s suffering. We have to try to get to the bottom. Too not judge and to consider what is causing him to deflect to the bottle.”

Jason talks of his forty-four days of reaching out. “How far I’ve gotten has been from meeting people who did not pre-judge me… Oh, you’re black…! Or, anything like that… You know what I mean. I’ve found out that not everybody is bigoted and I try to be that kind of person.

I meditate in the mornings and visualize how I want my day to go… and it’s been working for me so far.

We are all connected… we are all one… that is what I have noticed.

For me, this is a mental exercise to overlook whatever physical barriers people may have.” Jason concludes.

As I referenced in today’s into, Serendipity, Karma, Fate, Accident, Coincidence or any other thought from Gestalt to a broad range of reference on a number of laws of attraction…

…Who knows for sure of their existence? Yet, time, some science and personal experience leans us in the direction of at least examining the validity of these unseen powers.

And for whatever reason, some universal force has put three absolute strangers together this day. Strangers who all confess of a shared feeling that drew us all to one similar geographic location for a brief encounter in understanding.

There is hope for unity around us. And regarding the tools that may lead us there, might I once again propose a few: Look, Listen and Hear.

And new friends… Autumn… Jason… keep moving forward… knowing that we hear you.