SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 344: Chapter One/Page One, “Sorting Recyclables”

The environment is at the top of the list this week. And over a summer escaping chilled Jamba Juice pit stop we run into Erin.

It’s very late in the afternoon and the day has been packed with start-up business. Part of which has been planning for the next phase of 365. Yes friends, the locomotive has way too much momentum to stop now. So readers, be expecting announcements of next destinations very soon.

And with minutes left to our publishing time code deadline, this is one more of those entries that spares you from too much Radstone dialogue, I know, you’ll miss me!

But with the sparkle of this week’s unsolicited topic, that being the environment, Erin does more than enough to gracefully follow theme with her giving heart and emphasis towards the power of one.

“How important it is to give to people.” Erin sincerely encourages. “That’s something that we don’t do very often. A lot of the time we are so focused on our own lives… and we forget about other people. When I think about something like that… how much you get from it… and also how much it means to other people. It’s easier to do the works.

I try to have a positive outlook, but sometimes it is hard… environmental issues in particular; I’m worried about the future. I think that with technology, we have a good chance of turning things around. But, I still think we are going to have a struggle.

In the next one hundred years…? The water… the food… a growing population, the whole system… that’s my biggest concern… the environmental issues.

The hardest part is each person trying to make a difference in getting everybody together… no one themselves thinks that they can change it. That’s the hardest part… getting everybody on the same page.”

I’ve got seconds left to publishing deadline, and I really have no message any greater than Erin’s this day. The environment is a huge intersecting point in bringing us together, and Erin has smacked us head on in directing us to the same book, a book that we can all quietly read into our daily rituals.

The resolve then rests with us, that in each of our routines of living, that we strive to give, just give… not only to people… but as importantly… to the planet.

“That’s the hardest part” Erin gleams, “Getting everybody on the same page.”

So without any more wasted delay, I’m off to Chapter One/Page One, “Sorting Recyclables.” Anyone want to join me?