SideWalk Ghosts / Day 293: Home-To-Home Reach-Out Wraps Up

Harrogate, England

Here are the last of the Home-To-Home Reach-Out submissions. Thanks to all who participated. It was a fun journey and in some way I hope we were able to get out of our own heads. I’ll admit, I was hoping for an overflow of photos. But I am encouraged by all who contributed. And, again thanks to all our loyal readers.

For the rest of the 365 project, I’ll continue to focus on meeting our new friends, at least one a day until September 9, 2012.

Keep the comments coming, they are most appreciated.

“We are in this thing together”

See you tomorrow, my friends.

Port Alberni, Canada, BC
West Hills, California, USA
Centreville, Virginia, USA
Renton, Washington, USA
West Hills, California, USA
North Carolina, USA

Toronto, Canada