SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 287: “Simple Solitary And Intelligent”

Wherever I travelith… 365 travelith. And with my daughter in hand, tonight is no exception. It’s outdoor movie night at CSUN (California State University Northridge), and with it, our befriending way of life is simply part of our family ritual. One byproduct of 365 that I will always cherish is the positive influence it has had on my family. Sure at times it can feel burdensome.

“Great! Dad has the camera again;” or, “Should we start dinner without you?” Even the occasional resentment from any of us as I drop household responsibilities in priority to 365.

But you know what? At the end of the day, we all feel better about the world we live in, and are gaining a greater empathy and understanding for our fellow human beings. And that is worth all the gold in the world to us.

So tonight, with blankets, popcorn and camera in hand, my girl and I seek open grass in setting camp in wait of this evenings feature, “Despicable Me.”

Spot found, blankets spread and strawberry lemonade purchased, I ask the question, “Should we find our 365 friend?”

“Can we go play the game first, daddy?” my favorite girl responds.

There is no way I will let this moment pass, and after a few beanbag tosses and the consumption of character painted Twinkies, we sugar rush away from the activities. As we do, we come across our very intellectual and grounded man of the hour, stranger now friend, Lindsay, who in leaving the university library has decided to enjoy an evening of big screen animation.

In contrast to the surrealistic entertainment we are about to screen, Lindsay proclaims of a more realistic source of enlightenment.

“I’m building a website he introduces, it’s called, and it mirrors my outlook on life.”

I checked it out and as Lindsay states, it is very much in it’s infancy of development. But young in mind or underdeveloped is not of Lindsay’s makeup, his words are impactful.

“It’s the people who are forgotten in their time who become memorable. You know, like Van Gogh, he was in an insane asylum. Their were prophets not recognized at their time…Jesus for one. And that’s what I’m trying to do.”

Lindsay is not claiming he is a self-proclaimed prophet, and absolutely is not touting himself as a Christ. What he is suggesting is that we open our minds to the greater light of reflection. He calls it, “Simple Solitary and Intelligence,” stating, “That is where it all comes from.

There are sayings: To thine own self be true… If a man can’t get along with himself, he can’t get along with others. Simple Solitary and Intelligence… That is where it all starts.”

Lindsay advises us to do what we can to keep our mind clear and uncluttered, “I try to avoid the news of the day, and too many topical things. I devote myself to intelligence in trying to gain wisdom. And, that’s what I want to promote.”

I call Lindsay realistic and enlightened, a set of titles that I am motivated to place after hearing his perspectives on what’s in store for humanity.

“In the immediate future… The next generation… times will be grim. I think America is on the descent… on the decline. Other powers will ascend, and they are not going to have any sympathy for us.” He excuses himself as he points to my daughter, “Sorry to say that.”

“No worries,” I assure him, knowing that for a nine-year old, my daughters value system and faithful outlook on the world she is approaching gives her the strength to decipher concepts with maturity beyond her years.

I know… I rather hokey and fatherly statement, and I tell you what; I have no idea of where she gets her wisdom. I guess there must have been a very enlightened Radstone century’s ago, and somehow their recessive gene has passed on to my daughter.

Lindsay quotes a source. “I remember a Nobel-laureate economist, Franco Modigliani. Thirty years ago I heard him. He was saying things are not going to be good for the coming generation. In my case he was correct. So I think more of what he said is in store for America’s future.

But for humanity… if people could be more appreciative of intelligence… if they could apply themselves to living intelligently, so that the larger problems have their roots in simple human needs…? The whole world would evolve toward greater peace and happiness.”

Simple Solitary and Intelligent… Lindsay titles it.

With it he calls us to accountability in pondering not only our own existence, but of the existence to come. And looking at my little girl, who has been patiently participation in today’s interview, I can only have one conclusion. Or better yet, a concerned prayer… “That we will all see the light and be willing to do the works to assure a better future for the children’s sake.”

I’ll jump of my metaphoric soapbox for the moment…. I’ve got a movie to catch… Roll the film.

Talk tomorrow my friends.


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