SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 281: “A Burger That Introduced Me To A Brighter Light”

“I was getting famous, it was turning me into a product and I did not like it. That is when I went into finance,” Jerry accounts of his life.

Over the last nine months hundreds of people have now graciously given of themselves in contributing to 365. All brave individuals who without reserve have allowed us into there lives in trusting me to forward their stories, advice and photos to you.

Several times have we discussed the laws of attraction and also have experienced several unexplainable meetings of strangers turned friends. From connecting third parties beyond our circle of influence, to answering literal prayers and personal reflections, it’s all occurred within the 365 journeys. Sure, some have been powerfully apparent while others not so much. We’ve even experienced days where we have struggled to literally find acceptance from anyone, and once found conducted somewhat contrite and forced interviews. But nonetheless… in all… I… and I hope you, have been thoroughly fascinated.

We are indeed a unique population with so much depth, so much diversity and so much combined experience. From pains to joys we have shared. Yet what is apparent with the loudest of volume is this, in some infinite way, we are all connected in one wish. That of a better world, a found life perspective and a planet filled with a kinder people.

Today is no exception.

I find myself in a funky little burger joint in wait of a casting session a few blocks away– killing time, and through the sandwich I’m eating, I’m sure my arteries as well.

As I take my last bite of seared cholesterol, a well-mannered gentleman sits at the booth directly in front of me. Our eyes meet and without my prompt this stranger greets me with a warm expression of acceptance.

It would be wrong of me to not reciprocate in an equally kind gesture. “Hello, how are you?” I reply.

We engage in a friendly and casual conversation and in such Jerry, once stranger now friend, agrees to join us in our 365 mission of unity.

Earlier I spoke of the laws of attraction and the moment Jerry begins to speak regarding the concept.

“The age-old question as to what is the meaning of life is found in two words…” Jerry summarizes, “…Expression and Experience.

Every living and non-living thing is expressing a quality of that which created it.

So what we express… we will experience… Period!

Look at an atom, electrons spinning around, communicating, the nucleus is the mother and the electrons are the children. And that analogy pulls it all together so you can see it very clearly.”

Jerry is a man of many talents (or perhaps gifts): A clairvoyant, a well-grounded businessman, financial advisor and spiritual consultant. From this he has pooled a vast base of knowledge. One that he does not flaunt, but one that he leans on in guiding his life voyage. His agenda is apparent, to outreach as far as he can in sharing what is core to his heart.

Yet in his claims he remains objective, kind, optimistic and approachable. “I used to work with Uri Geller on the Powers of the Paranormal. Uri told me to be careful with my gifts and to not show them off. I was under a contract to perform and at that moment I realized I had to change my life… I negotiated out of the contract and that is when I moved into the financial business.

I was very successful… became very rich in five years (I won’t tell you Jerry’s past worth, and he has the saved bank statements to prove it). But due to the greed and dishonesty of others I lost it when I moved from Texas to California.”

I even realized that my marriage was under false pretenses, so I gave what I had left to her and I’m much happier now.”

Jerry talk of a highly spiritual view towards humanity and the planet, “The world at large…? Thoughts and things are very much alike. And, we should approach life as if it is a thought… and not a thing.

Move the words around, things are thoughts, not thoughts are things.

Your experience meets with your expression to create unique points of attraction. Not so much as drawing something to you. That requires a great labor of thought. But if we can learn to use our thoughts as platforms to reach out and tether onto the dream and draw it in. I call it Metaphynetics.”

Jerry is an extreme optimist and he is passionate regarding his view of positive mind-set, good values and of the potential for a united world.

“I see democracy coming around!” he speaks with conviction, as if he has had a three-dimensional vision. “…It’s too beautiful of an idea to throw to the wayside, because none of the other systems have worked as well: And with that, most of the world population being Muslim…”

I did a little research. Jerry is correct in his claim. Per 2012: Christianity, 31% to 35% or 2.1 – 2.5 billion people; Islam, 23% or 1.6 billion people.

“… And when they start seeing how to separate church and state, then that progress will relieve much poverty. You see… most of those impoverished nations are Muslim nations.”

Now Jerry is not bagging on the Muslim faith. What I think he is referring to is how the will of time generated hatred in the name of faith can become epidemic. And in this reference, Jerry calls all of us to accountability to observe our faiths in directing the good values in whatever we choose to believe, or how we worship optimistically towards our fellow-man.

But there is one thing Jerry makes certainly clear. In the end we all worship the same God… the creator of the universe. He even aligns our actions in asking us to do all of our acts in life; even business with a positive conscience towards the planet and all those we deal with.

And with the aid of his Muslim statistic, Jerry postulates, “It not so much the religion, but you can’t do business with someone in the name of Ala.”

My take… Jerry is instructing us to respect individual value systems and navigate life with honor and honesty.

Jerry is very deep and extremely intriguing, his concepts are well founded and creatively lucid. And using a well-defined description of “Faith, that being the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen,” he goes on to link to our financial systems.

“Faith… That’s what our currency is based on… but we are the collateral.

So if we have faith in each other, and that the system of democracy, the one that is as close to God’s system of man doing business with man. It will all go right back to expression and experience.

Patience is the expectancy of good. And when you are waiting for something good, it seems like it takes longer. It feels that way because the body has a clock in it… Call it saccadic rhythms. What we fear seems to come quicker because we are on Adrenalin at that point.”

Makes me think of the hindsight is 20/20 theory and of the list of discussions we have shared regarding embracing all of our experiences, both good and bad.

Jerry humbles in revealing his perspective, “After I lost my wealth, it made me check my core.

The whole field of humanity opened up to me, and it will for anyone if they operate from love… No matter where they are… and if they are truly doing it.”

Of the future, again Jerry speaks as if viewed from a prophetic vision, “In five of ten years… Islam will create a separation of church and state. Technology will overrule, and peace will start to expand.”

Jerry, thank you for opening your mind, your heart and our eyes.

Hope to run into you again my friend; we can pick our discussion back up.