SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 275: “A Giver Of Peace”

“Try to take pleasure in at least one thing during the day; and appreciate the little things in life.

“If you have things that you want to do, make a list; my goals for this week… the next week… a month… a year… three years… and look back on them. You always think, oh yeah! I want to do that someday, or that would be cool… I want to do that… and I want to do that; and you never do it and your life passes you by. Writing a list can really help us to accomplish things.

Do just one little thing each day. And at the end of the day, review the list and also say what did I accomplish today;” Life coaching from today’s stranger, now friend, artist Lisa.

Lisa’s energy is beaming and in her is revealed a person who is on this Earth to share her happiness with the world around her.

I consider her a giver of peace. A suitable title for where I run into her today, under the peaceful shade of little secluded art exposition; a little slice of artistic seclusion at a side area in the middle of Topanga Canyon. And standing beside the sound of a naturally fed waterfall… I realize that I have stumbled upon a retreat from the haste of the world.

A magical mini community of sorts, and one that is free of the pressures of religious segregation or any form of class distinction.

It does not take long for me to understand that Lisa is all about doing good… Good for the sake of doing good.

“There is no God and we are all going to die, one day the earth is going to cease to exist and the sun is going to cease to exist. So who cares,” she suggests with the greatest sense of light heartedness.

We talk about her view for a few minutes. And in examining her statement we come to a conclusion as to it meaning. Per Lisa, “’You can view ‘who cares’ as either annalistic or empowering. You have one life and you are going to die one day,’” she vibrantly explains as she responds to her own council, “I know… I’m very dark …”

The last thing I see Lisa as is dark. What I see is a young woman who is passionate about life and embracing every second of it in not wanting to waist a breath of life on meaningless pursuits.

“I just do my thing… Lisa expresses, “…and I am passionate by my thing. I like to paint… It makes people happy, and that makes me happy. People always respond positively to me and that makes me respond positively towards them. If everyone around acted negatively towards me, or looked at me weird, or thought I was a freak, I probably would not be as nice.”

But nice Lisa is, even so much that I cannot stop myself from complimenting her. “Lisa, you are a light to the world!”

Without becoming overwhelmed by my compliment, Lisa remains unpretentious in her composure, “All I do is just smile… We all need to smile… Just that… Smile every day. You smile and people respond to it.

I try to look nice. If you are wearing spikes in your nose and spikes everywhere… in your ears and wherever… Looking freaky… and with negative feelings towards the world. You will receive what you project.

You create your own experiences in life. You can change the world around you. You have that power. And People don’t realize the power that they have. You can blame it on everyone else. It’s easy to blame stuff on other people.

We have to just keep moving, but we have to put out the good energy.

Have I given you enough good nuggets to put in your blog?” Lisa asks.

“Your words are perfect…” I confirm, “…but I have one last question.”

“How would you explain yourself as an artist?”

Lisa thinks for a moment, “I am someone who paints color. That is very important to me. But what is most important in what I do is the how, not the what.

A lot of people are suffering, especially now, so I want to give them some love in their space.”

And after spending half an hour with Lisa, I understand her how.

Lisa is all about love… love for her life… love for her family… love for her craft… and best of all… love for the world and people around her.

Lisa, It’s been a pleasure spending time with your today. Stay who you are. and please keep giving what you give. I think we all need more Lisa’s in our lives.

Shameless Plug:
Pet lovers perk up. Lisa paints pet portraits. If you are interested here is her website: