SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 274: “Family First And Romantic Notions”

My family awaits me today, and in all fairness, to jump into a one hour writing session would be a self-indulgent use of the small window of time I find myself privately encapsulated in. And the fact that this is the anniversary day of my marriage, I feel it a tad insensitive to look away from the importance of this day in burying myself too deeply in my blogging.

That said, and before I introduce you to today’s new friend, you need to know that they put no pressure on us (myself and you – my readers). The truth is that they are as committed to this project as I. Even leaving me at home in full privacy to honor you and what we are doing through 365.

So if there is ever a time that I need your feedback… it is today, and please forgive me for what I admit is the first wholly selfish agenda I have put forth since the inception of 365.

I’d like to thank our new friend, Randy for putting me on path to making a request: May my wife get the limelight today!

I catch Randy at a father/sons campout, and even though his words resonate strong with those shared by many of our 365 friends, they have obviously hit me deeply today.

Randy says, “Treat others as you would want to be treated…” as he keeps sight of his youngest son.

“… If everybody showed each other respect and love, and expected that in return, then the world would be a better place.

I’m and optimist. When you see youth and the children of today, how can you not have hope for the future of the world? I think it’s going to continue to be a good place. I don’t anticipate any big changes, hopefully everybody will be happy and at peace.”

Randy takes a second look at his son, “I’m not full of too much wisdom or advice tonight.”

Randy is not being dismissive. Frankly he is very engaged with me and into 365. But as we chat, it is apparent via his wandering eyes that his greatest priority is in watch guarding his youngest. And in this subtle body language, his actions speak louder than words, “Family First!”

And now with that said, I must focus my actions based on Randy’s example.

I love my family. Could not ask for a more supportive wife and daughter. And even though they have given me this uninterrupted window for authoring. The right thing to do is to honor them for their sacrifice of my time in being so supportive of what we are trying to do with 365. That being to learn to look at each other with welcoming hearts and minds.

So here is where I need your help. I’m hoping we can engage our numbers to give credit to the backbone of 365… My lovely wife.

Who know? Maybe you are about to take part in a romantic notion, maybe you choose not to. But whatever you decide, my hope is through my opening up, and with the help of Randy’s example of priority, that we can all focus our attention on those little gentle life gestures toward family, friends and community. Namely a kind “Thank You.”

So here is the help I ask for. I want to surprise my wife with a “Thank You” attack. Funny, my eyes are welling a little as I write this. “Holly heck Richard…! Pull yourself together… or all of us… your 365 readers are going to come over there and slap you back to manhood!”

“OK! Thanks… I’m back.”

What I ask is this, for the countless hours my wife has sacrificed, and the many meals she has brought me as I type, I ask you this, Can you send her a simple “Thank You.”

I ask not for paragraphs… I ask not for praises… I ask not for your opening of any personal windows… Just a simple “Thank You” in the subject line. If you want to write more, that’s up to you. But again I am not asking for any deep dig of your time.

I consider you all friends and I appreciate you readership. Tomorrow I’ll pick myself up from my romantic notions and dig back into finding our next 365 friend.

You have been a great audience, and I must again thank you for your continued support. Our numbers are growing and I have hope that eventually we can all spread some good will, or perhaps works, within our communities.

And for those of you who are helping me in my romantic venture this day, I give you my wife’s email.

Talk tomorrow my friends.

Randy, thanks for your inspiration.