SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 349: “There Is A Kindness To This Design and Ping Pong Council Today”

You know, I a little speechless in writing today… strange to say, but true. Seventeen days left of 365 and the emotions I am feeling are sublime.  Some mornings I wake looking forward to a day off from writing, yet on others… almost a tear drawing mood encapsulates me in not wanting to see the end of such a life changing experiment; one that has changed my outlook on the world in more ways than I can explain in a quick blog entry.

365 has been a journey that has defined the way I will be approaching the next chapter of my life. A chapter that will be visible to you all, and a commitment to do what I can to make a difference in whatever way I can. Many of you, through your comments, have proven to me that there is great hope for mankind. And it is your acceptance of my 365 message, “We are all in this thing together,” that has never failed to push me forward in doing what I can to connect us all.

The countdown is on, and our one-year anniversary is so very near, September 9th to be exact; a day that I have anticipated since the inception of 365 and a Sunday that will mark the beginning of the next phase of our uniting outreach. I’m putting my final touches on exactly what the next steps are, but I promise to bring you up to speed shortly after the 9th.

You have proven to me that there are far too many of us who are doing the works: In thoughts, in deeds and in outlook towards each other.

No better to example this finding than in the words of today’s friends, Mike and his lovely British wife, Nina, both of whom radiate a certain kind of acceptance of 365’s campaign for unity, in very short and succinct words of advice.

“My words of wisdom if everybody were listening…? This too will pass, because everything is transient in life… This too will pass.”

“I wrote this about you originally…” Michael looks at Nina, crediting her for his inspiration, “…She who dies with the most love… wins.”

I’ll not blab on in asking you to reflect upon what this loving couple is saying. And in their predictions of the future, again, both Nina and Michael stay true to their hopes for a more connected people.

“…Kindness… I hope the world is heading in that direction. I want the planet to be kinder… Kinder to each other… kinder to the planet, it’s the only way things can progress forward.”

“When people see that happiness and wellbeing are our natural state… we are born happy. Then all the things that are out in the world that we are trying to get, and are messing up the world, they will fade. There is a kindness to this design.”

I must go… the Ping Pong Council is starting in less than thirty minutes. Not sure if anyone is showing up… worst case scenario… I’ll get a few games of pong with my daughter. That in itself is cause for joy. Sorry to be a mushy dad. But by now you probably have realized that my book is pretty open.

Yet, I know that I will be taking with me the seeds planted this day by our sweet friends of day 349.

Nina, Michael, thank you for your kindness, and your words of the same… you have directed us onto the right path.

Take care my friends.


On Saturday, August 25 (that’s today), between the hours of 3:00pm and 7:00pm, let’s get as many Angeleno’s as we can to play a few rounds of Table Tennis at Vahid’s club. It’s not the expensive, $7 each and I’m sure will prove to be a lot of fun.

I see two things that can come from it. One: A great opportunity to share thoughts and witness just how in common we all are, and Two: to help a deserving dude get his business off the ground. And in either I see no downside.

So friends within commuting distance of Vahid’s “Table Tennis Club” we look forward to seeing you at the tables.

Table Tennis Club
21911 Sherman Way
Canoga Park, California 91303

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