SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 249: “It’s Scary, It’s Uncomfortable, But It Keeps Me Alive!”

“Never give up on your dreams and passions,” Mardy tells us as I speak with him while he paints a window.

“I know that’s a little cliché, can I elaborate?” he asks.

“Please do, we’d love to hear more,” and we’re off.

“It’s all about honesty…” Mardy starts, “’…. It is the best policy in all situations. Like when looking for a job, so many people say ‘lets say this… or lets say that.’ What about if they say the truth? We have to be honest about who we are, and with that honesty, comes a good attitude.

It applies to everything we do. It’s the same in dating. A lot of people try to be something they are not. They try to dress or act to impress. If you are unemployed… say it. Women like honesty and resourcefulness.

Stand up for what you believe, even if you are the last one in the room, or the last one standing.

Like Columbus: At first, no one listened to or believed him. They thought the earth was flat and they thought he was insane.

What would have happened if Christopher Columbus was not honest with himself in standing up for what he believed in?’”

Mardy tells us who he is.

“I am an artist, and my work is about bringing people together. There is meaning in my art. I paint windows as a living, and so far it has supported me. But what is most important to me is following my passion.

I think people are more inspired by passion than by money. That’s how it is for me.

The arts bring people together, they are the international language.”

My opinion, Mardy is right on track in his commentary. Creative and independent thinking is a core element in uniting society. Through art, history has been revealed, and via it, we have been educated to both the grandeur and plight of ages past. It has document humanity as far back as we can study, and has given us lessons ranging from science to culture. From days of battle to days of peace, the works of inspired and creative minds have provided us glimpses into the literal evolution of mankind. And with this our eyes are constantly opened to new avenues of thought and outlooks on the world.

In a way, we are all modern-day explorers of art. And for those of us who are able to connect with the right lobe, are in my opinion, on a better course to a better understanding of fellow-man and a greater fulfilled life.

With great passion, Mardy politics, “’I can’t stand what I am seeing in education. Schools are attacking the arts, and it’s a huge mistake!

Think about the harm it is doing to reduce the study of the arts, and ask yourself this, ‘What is the first thing kids start to do in they’re learning years?’ That’s right… They draw or they paint. It’s the formation of their view of the world. To take is away as they grow older is a terrible thing.

We have to do something to support the arts. ’”

Again Mardy hits the nail on the head. He is not saying that we all have to become a Picasso, a Mozart or a Tolstoy. What he is saying is this; in his words, “We have to learn to think outside of the box, and the arts teach us how to do that.”

He ups the ante, “On top of losing the arts, our kids are loosing touch with human contact, burying their faces into texting and video games. The pace is speeding up, families don’t sit together art the dinner table any more.”

We have heard this techno worry from over 75% of our 365 friends. Evidence enough, I’ll leave it at that for now.

“What about the future Mardy, Where do you think we are heading?”

With expected Mardy passion, “The way we are going…? There will be no middle class. There will be only two classes, and the middle class will become either the elite or the poor.

Even today the middle class is paying for the mistakes and greed of the rich, and also the middle class is left to carry the weight of paying for the benefits to the poor.”

Mardy has equally strong comments regarding big business and politics.

“I’ve got a problem with corporate America, it is only worried about how it can give less and make more.

And what’s sad about it is that the number one export in America is jobs.

I’d be happy to pay more if it would provide jobs for the unemployed and stimulate the economy.

Our leaders will always make mistakes, we have to accept that, but they need to admit to it. Not cover it up.

A good idea is a good idea, it does not matter what party it comes from.

For a better future, we all need to just work together. And the politicians are here to serve the people. Not to serve themselves. That’s what we vote for.”

In finishing Mardy reflects, “Being an artist is like being Christopher Columbus… It’s scary, it’s uncomfortable, but that’s what keep me alive!”

“Wild Roses” by Mardy

For any of you are local and would like to meet Mardy or see his artwork, visit the Conaga Park Art Walk, This Thursday May 17, 6:00pm to 10:00pm. It looks like it will be a lively evening. I’ll be there, maybe I’ll see you!