SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 235: “We’re Mad As Hell… And We’re Not Going To Take It Anymore!”

What I’m loving about 365 is the open forum it is becoming. And with it, my wish for all who are traveling with us on this journey of friendshipping is that we are all-absorbing the unique perspectives from so many individual people. All people, who in one-way or another are mostly living under the radar of public exposure; it is this fact that many have commented. 365 is about real people… people as they are and speaking for what they believe.

And it is these brief glimpses into the minds, and experiences, of those who have courageously stepped forward in allowing us to hear their words that has brought us together. After all, “We are all in this thing together.”

It is in that charge of unity that today, when upon my family’s arrival home from morning errands accompanied by my wife’s subsequent announcement, “You’re 365 guy is outside… go now!” that I leave my desk to say hello to Daniel… ice cream man and modern-day patriot.

With unstoppable energy Daniel launches into a storm of concern, opinion and research with an opening statement, “We have to not allow ourselves to be shut down by agencies that are starting socialism.

All the pieces are there, are we going to let society to become categorized and labeled?”

Daniel does not filter his advice with popular redirect and leans towards the example of Martin Luther King in charging a vigilant cry to action, “If Martin Luther King did it… we can do it too!

The truth is there, we just have to speak out!”

Daniel speaks of Monarch Mind Control Manipulation and positions that the political parties have built-in order to divide the country. “They keep the chaos,” he warns.

“TV and media are big part of it… Turn the TV off…  Go outside of your house… Meet your neighbors… And do it now!

This town was built on us.

We don’t need to be divided by politics, or hidden agendas, we need to come together and respect each other in treating each other the way we want to be treated. It’s all about having and living by good moral values.”

In this, Daniel references a point in history, “Look at President Kennedy’s speech on secret societies and oaths, he spoke out and it got him assassinated.”

“We have to come together as a people. There is hope for a united world. But if we don’t do anything…

…We will end up either 1984 mind controlling microchips… or it going to be a non-existent earth, with dust and solar storms.”

“The choice is ours!” Daniel concludes as he references a famous line from the film Network News, “We’re mad as hell… and we’re not going to take it anymore!