SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 198: It’s More Fun To Build Stuff!

I just received an extremely humbling comment from one of my readers, Lisa, a fine blogger in her own right, “I love reading these and seeing the photographs of people. Each one is an inspiration in some way.”

And per her inspirational note, I must give applause to the many who have allowed me to photograph and interview them.

I’ve never considered myself a writer, but I’m doing my best to provide you with uplifting content.

In a funny way I have grown to consider you a vicariously extended family and have appreciated all of you comments. My gratitude is extended to you for all of your support and even a debate or two on several of my entries.

Your input matters and without you there would be no 365. I won’t lie; the project has made me a better person. That is the selfish part of it. However it has not come without a price to my sleeping schedule, time with my family and several business agendas that have been somewhat compromised.

So to hear from my viewers is the greatest payment I can receive, and to know that in some way our united mission to come together is making a difference to anyone is remuneration greater than the all mighty dollar.

I’m clueless where I will end up tomorrow and of how I will write its entry. Yet again your comments help to keep me on track.

We are way into 365 now and its subscriber base is  expanding on a daily basis. And though its traffic is still moderate, we have hit a plateau; a summit that I wish to push over. In the prospect of lengthening the 365 stride, I’m going to be brash in throwing myself at your doorstep to request your aid in growing our momentum.

Here it is, direct and to the point, I ask for your help in passing on a 365 link to as many as you feel would appreciate receiving it. I know this is a self-serving request, but one that is not motivated for self-gain, but more readily a desire to get the stories of my strangers turned friends to a broader audience.

It’s very late, or should I say early, as I am writing this entry, and like I said, I am not a writer, just a story telling visual artist and people loving dude, doing what I can to pass it on in a way that does not tranquillize. In getting back to the meeting of today’s friend I need to flash back several hours to a network studio.

It’s 10:00pm, my shoot has just wrapped and with two hours to days end, and even though the day’s fatigue is setting in, my 365 engine is revving up in accepting the fact that I will most likely be embarking on a late night outreach.

The last of our gear bags are packed and upon closing handshakes, final farewells and a set of 365 discussions, emerges client production coordinator Hilda, “What are the questions?” she asks.

One fact that needs to be mentioned, Xiomara has been at work since 6:00am, when the first shots of her busy day began. She is wonder of organizational skills and working with an amazing team of collaborators, her job has been to not only assure that my shoot goes well, but also the production of two other video productions which are being shot in tandem with my shoot. And after a sixteen-hour day on her feet, it would be acceptable to hear, “I’m too tired for an interview.”

But with the energy of a new morning awakening, Xiomara replies, “I’ll do it!”

Got to love this girl, she is unstoppable, and her wisdom’s demonstrate what gives her this special gift of enthusiasm. “Enjoy life to the fullest, and live each day like it is the last.”

Words we have heard on the streets from several of the strangers we have met, but this is the first time we have heard it from an on the job professional… one who says it at a time when many would be thinking solely of the length of day and of a readiness to return home. Oh, I forgot to tell you, we are working on Saturday night.

Xiomara reveals another secret to her disposition, “Always be nice to everyone… and always have a smile on your face. Never forget, a smile can make a difference.”

Xiomara is just one of those people persons. You know… the type of personality who blossoms in the midst of chaos, and has the sparkle to unite those she works with. Until tonight, I knew her not, and after sharing hours of studio time together I am indebted to her positive attitude and obvious commitment to help those she associates with.

The message she shines is as clear as the finest water, life is not about what we do, but how we do it; a zest to do the right thing, and a life spirit that she emits in delivering us advice for the future.

When I ask, “What do you see for yourself in the future?” it is apparent that Xiomara does not want to focus on herself. And after a pause of reflection, “I don’t know…” she replies.

I rephrase, “Where would you like to see the people of the world in twenty years or beyond?”

Solemnly Xiomara concludes, “Everyone in a place where they think about others and not about themselves. That way we can build something together. Or if not, we will destroy our universe slowly.”

I think I’ll pass on the destruction… Want to join me? It’s more fun to build stuff!