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The Book Of James.



It was day 6, almost one week into my one-year commitment to meet a stranger and post a story every day. I had 359 days to go, and the good thing was, to that point, my family was still on board.

September 15, 2011: My daughter and I passed Taft High School on our way home from a dinner with friends. Our stomachs were full, but as we passed the parking lot of Taft, it was full of catering trucks. A culinary experience that was not foreign to my family as we are regularly visitors to our favorite food truck alley; a Friday night hot spot in Granada Hills where 50 to 60 trucks can regularly be found.

That night, however, caught us by surprise, seeing trucks parked at Taft was not a typical occurrence. Even though we were full-to-the-gills with countless tortilla chips, fajitas, and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, we were tempted by the pull of a catering truck expedition. I tried to resist. Drove right past it, but 1/4 mile past my willpower was gone. I caved and flipped an illegal U-turn. It was just too hard to pass on the opportunity for evening snacks.

We parked and immediately I saw my greatest temptation, chocolate covered nuts. Protein packed goodness at its best, I reasoned.

I was so ready to binge as my daughter and I walked toward the most colorful truck in the lot, the one with the nuts. In front of it stood a most witty and charming proprietor. Readers say, “Hello,” to James.

We placed our order (chocolate covered almonds), and as we enjoyed them, James, my daughter, and I casually talked for about 15 minutes. James was super chill, calm, smiling and a remarkable icon for positive thinking. The kind of person we all want as a friend.

A few statements from The Book of James
• Why not? Not, why?
• You have to have humor.
• Laugh at it all.


James shared a story that proved he lived what he preached. Telling of his house being robbed,“It opened up the universe for me, ”he summarized as he explained how the robbers tried to break in a second time while he and his roommate were at home. He went to the door and told them to go away. Many of us would have attacked them. James just kept his cool.

James, do you have any specific words you would like to share with the world. He folded his arms and smiled, “Live positive and let the love come to you.”

Talk tomorrow my good friends,


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