Sidewalk Ghosts / Interview 457: “Andrew… Thanks For Pulling Us Together"

“Stop competing with each other. Instead, try to build with each other…” —Andrew


The room is spinning left to right, up and down. Not the most comfortable way to begin the day, but none-the-less, the state I find myself in this blessed Sunday morning. No, I’m not suffering a hangover from a Saturday night binge of memory depriving consumption. Those are days long past for this conservative and alcohol-free father. But if you are in a spinning state, please do not feel as if I am not empathetic. I know how you feel, I’ve been there, done that.

Seem that writing is my distraction from the vertigo I’m experiencing this morning. The cause of my condition is a complete mystery to me. Perhaps it’s the late nights of 365 writing and editing. Maybe the pace and the passion for that has driven me to double-time all my efforts in supporting my family and managing my business while balancing it in growing our 365 community: All things that are core to who I am and key motivator to getting outside of myself. I know, “getting out of myself.” A statement that sounds a little suspect coming from a guy who is constantly writing articles and works in the fields of advertising, film making and communication.

Yes, I admit, I’ve been fortunate to find something that I enjoy and feel obsessed to do. But as in all things, a career in arts and communication can be easily viewed with rose-colored glasses. Although grateful, the ride has been a 30-year roller coaster of emotional and financial peaks and valleys, and like many of us, the daily question of what will tomorrow bring is ever-present. I’ve had my homeless days as well as my time of security: lessons that have brought me to this junction of my personal and professional life, and the understanding that at any moment, for any of us, life can change in the fraction of a second.

Why I write this entry is a mystery to me. Quite possibly it is the council of today’s friend, Andrew, as he challenges us to, “Build with each other.” Or, plausibly its offer of distraction away from the rotating room that is so apparent around me. Whatever it is, I’m here. Sharing with you what is in my head. Or better yet, floating from side to side in the off-centered Ferris wheel of my dizzied self.

Vertigo (as much of a pain-in-the-brain that you are), I thank you for getting me to the keypad. I hope as you read this entry that we are seeing each other as the fragile humans that we are all. We never know what is around the corner on any given day.

Over and over again we read, watch and listen to stories that the media and society place in our paths­—some uplifting, others tragic. We are endlessly bombarded with a barrage of viewpoints from just about every perspective imaginable. Do this or you’ll become that; be like us or you will be damned; you are wrong and I am right. The list goes on and on, and as we live our lives, we absorb. Our navigation becomes blurred and our intuition gets foggy.

Often I’m asked, “How do you find your perspective in writing?” A question that boggles my untrained literary mind. I don’t even consider myself a writer and I do my best to take zero ego credit for whatever spins off my fingertips (please excuse the vertigo induces spinning metaphor).

So how do I answer the query as to where I find my editorial jump off? Truly, I’m a little dry mouthed for an accurate response, but I’ll give it a shot. It is not of me or for me. It is of you and for you.

This, “We, the silent majority” thing that we so often speak of… is real. Every day I am reminded of the magnificence of human. This society that we are calling 365, it is alive, united and breathing. Each day I am uplifted as you visit our website, view our YouTube Channel and Like our Facebook. Every month I am inspired as I receive your subscriptions and comments, and to have had the opportunity to be the spokesperson for the 100s (getting close to 1000s) of amazing people who have opened they’re lives to us. I am humbled, appreciative and ready to facilitate all that I can. You are strangers no more. So I don’t write, I pay tribute; tribute to you, strangers that I am now proud to call friends.

Sure, maybe I’m a little codependent on Operation-365. Yes, it is an addiction. My family can testify to that point. They have been very patient with me, and us. 365 is a labor of passion and whatever speaks through it is there for one intention: To give us all stage for being heard by sharing who we are and what we have to contribute to the world.

With 3 years behind us, what I have learned (and I pray you as well) is that even in our diversity, there are many connecting dots. That is why I write, and that is what gets my fingers moving. Bottom line, without you I would have nothing to say.

Yes, I am happy to make my contribution and will continue to do so. Yet, in closing today’s post, I must expose a dream, one that radiates from the most sincere heart.

I need your help and I ask for your involvement. You are important and wonderfully unique. Without you, our society of the awakened would be extinguished. It is with open arms that I invite you to take part in expanding our awareness of each other. For this purpose we have created our online interview: Interview-365. Through it you have the ability to let your words of wisdom be heard. Please take a moment to share with us.

We are at a point of magnificent emergence as a vibrant culture. But, there is only so far I can personally travel to expand our mission of unity. My funds and time are limited and, as one man, I’m a little restricted as to how much I can sustainably contribute on a day-to-day basis. But with you on board, our depth and reach has infinite potential.

No matter where you are, your background or your circumstance… one absolute fact is impossible to ignore…“We are We,”equally human to the core. And that is the magic of Operation-365.

We look forward to hearing what you have to say!!

Talk soon my friends,