Sidewalk Ghosts / Interview 455: "The Power of One Is Remarkable" (a few faces of our YouTube trailer)

Hundred of people have we met through Operation-365. Years of meeting strangers (all of whom have become vicarious friends in growing us together), months of hearing your comments and days filled with challenges calling us to engage in the 365 experience.

The sum whole of what we are doing is ever-expanding as our awakening progresses, as one by one our subscription base (and better yet, the knowledge of others who embrace our cause) continues to expand into new borders.


Yes, the world is shrinking as we grow our community; and although we are connected in a rather voyeuristic way, we are joining hands as a living and breathing society of the involved and aware. We are a population with no limits on what we can achieve in seeing each other for what we each have to offer. A statement that is not derived from the rumbling of my own brain, but more powerfully, one that can only be credited to true authors of what drives our thesis of unity. Mainly, the 100s of real people who have so graciously shared their real wisdom with us.



In listening to these 1000s (and hopefully growing to become 10s of thousands) that have embraced our mission, we have joined hand in a call to action. Empowered. Uplifted. Dedicated the likes of an elite athlete. Our minds and spirits strengthened as we raise our chins towards our fellow humans in declaring… “You matter, and you have something unique to offer.”

Straight forward and to the point… Our work (no, our joy) at present, are in a state of infancy, yet our timing is perfect. For as we develop to our highest heights, we can be assured that in these modern times of Instagrammed texts, Twittered comments and YouTubed dialogues there is a tool greater than there net worth. That is, as we use them responsibly, that we make take pause to look into the eyes of each other. “And that, my friends, is indeed a beautiful thing.”



For the last several days I’ve been in stranger meeting overdrive. Journeying, from sunrise to sunset, the 100-mile radius that surrounds my home. Many a rejection have I weathered and, happily, many an open conversation have I had. But, all in all, (as Operation-365 has proven over and over again) the majority of people are ready to be heard, and better yet, excited to listen.

No doubt, 365 is here to stay. My stubborn Taurus self keep pushing me into the ring of stewardship. A role that inspires me to do whatever I can to sail us forward to look at each other as human of great worth, and a motivation that is pushing me at breakneck momentum over the next few weeks to produce our first viral spot (the trailer for #O365blogumentary). One that I hope will do justice to the true contributors of Operation-366… you, (better yet, us… and we)… the silent majority.

You and I, everyday people living everyday lives… and absolutely, we have something to share!