√Interview 401: “What’s Right Is Right… And What’s Wrong Is Wrong.”

“’Well wisdom to me is a living knowledge and I would share the words that were given to me from wisdom directly. ‘Haven’t I given…’” —Ray


2pm… Today’s episode due in two hours… miss it… miss our daily time stamp (4pm to be exact). I have no idea of where to go.

Off to Owensmouth as I decide to cruise up and down the street. I’m clueless as to why I am here. Just seems like the place to be. Close to home. A quick race back to Adobe Premiere, and after 45 minute of editorial an upload is in progress (even as I write this note).

Ray is his name and after setting up a camera rig on the corner across the street from the bus stop, he approached me in offering his words.

A quirky songwriter, Ray offers us a few great thoughts to consider; and yes, he is quoting Janet Jackson.

Talk tomorrow my good friends,