Sidewalk Ghosts / Interview 396: Flavio and Lucy (Part Two) – "Everyone Is Looking Down"

“Turn off your electronic equipment, if only for a day. It is harming the children in ways we don’t realize. It’s okay to use an iPad for learning, some science, or learning something, but what I usually see are people completely disconnected to the world. Everyone is looking down…” —Lucy


The last week I had grand intentions of writing some kind of wisdom that aligned with what our new friends are bringing to the table. Even when meeting Flavio and Lucy at a birthday party my daughter was invited to, words and thoughts rung in my mind. Now starting our 3rd week of O-365 blogumentary (and getting up every morning at 5am to edit before my “real” job starts) the full weight of this commitment is bearing its reality on me.

But just as the first one-year challenge (September 9, 2011 to September 9, 2012), the tired self cannot be slept. The payoff is way to great to let mere fatigue slow me. It is more than my stubborn Taurus personality that pushes me. It is the inspirations being shared by so many. They are much too precious to shelf.

So we will continue to meet new people. Hear fresh and repeated perspectives; and in all, my hope is unhidden. That we will kindle our desire to know our neighbors, support our communities, and as often as we can, raise our chins to greet the world.

As Lucy so well observes, “Everyone is looking down.”

Operation-365… we were once “Strangers…’ now are are “Friends.”

Talk tomorrow my good friends,