Sidewalk Ghosts / Interview 394: “Why Don’t We Quite Ourselves?”

“I am humbled to think of the possibility of future where people are serving one another. Not just because they are of the same religion, race or of the same anything, but, simply for the fact that they are another person who has a story just like they do. Everyone wants to tell their story… but they don’t necessarily want to hear someone else’s…” —Brian


Something about them drew me in. Perhaps it was the feeling as we passed on the sidewalk. Maybe it was my mind profiling those who seemed open and approachable. Or quite possibly it was the fatigue setting in as I fought off the day end weight of tired and heavy eyelids. But whatever it was, it stopped me in my tracks to interview todays “Strangers…” now “Friends,” Brian and fiancé Melissa.

In watching their interview, it is not a far reach to realize that Brian and Melissa are people with great conviction of their beliefs– smiling and enthusiastic followers of Jesus Christ. Speaking with ministerial excitement they express perspectives on sharing, listening and what’s to come.

Brian sums it up. “Why don’t we make it a future of looking outwardly, laterally, around us, and not just inwardly at ourselves; and ultimately, my prayer is, that we would look upwardly.”

Brian, Melissa, thank you for your faithful word. May we all take them into consideration as we ponder our own spirituality? For at the core of our discussion there is one undeniable condition. We are all of similar blood and have right to worship as our heart and spirit dictate. As Brian and Melissa have so eloquently displayed, so shall we be inspired to shine our light upon the world around us.

Talk tomorrow my good friends,