Sidewalk Ghosts / Interview-365: "Right Now. Don't Wait"

Meet Noah, a man who I’ve known from afar since the beginning of Project-365. He’s a guy who puts his thoughts to action, even doing his own 365 day project while continuously going out of his way to promote the works of others: Make Something 365
It is a pleasure to share Noah’s words. For in them he has allowed us a glimpse into the motivations behind what he does.
I’ll keep my words short for this entry and give you a break from my ramblings for a day. But one thing I must express, “it is an absolute pleasure to be able to call you friends.” We look forward to what you have to share.
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Question One
If you had the stage… the undivided attention of the world… and all were listening… What words of wisdom, council or advice would you share?
“Life is short and it can end at any moment, so what are you doing right now, here, today to make it a better place for both you and everyone/everything else on the planet. It doesn’t have to be big act, in fact big is way too daunting, so make it a small thing. Just say to yourself, “How can I add more joy to the world?” Listen. Act out of love and compassion. Think about what you would like to have happen to you and do that for someone else – right now. Don’t wait.”
Question Two
Looking toward the future… as far, or as close as you want to imagine (one year or hundreds of years)– Where do you see the people or the planet … or, what do you think we should be doing now to prepare for the future?
“We will one day be living amongst the stars – we have to if this species is to survive. Of course that is way, way, way in the future, but we’re not even close to being ready for it. We need to prioritize collaboration and peace over war and aggression, because the only way we’re going to make it happen is as a united human civilization, not a bunch of individuals, families, states, nations, etc. fighting over the meaning of ancient books and invisible boundary lines. Can we find the compromises necessary to allow everyone to live free, healthy, happy and unoppressed? It has to start today with compassion. Look for the places where you agree with others, rather than fighting over the things on which you disagree, and start there.”