Sidewalk Ghosts / Essay 310: Please write something for me, quick!

I set my alarm to get up in the wee hours of the morning to get some design work done — I was sure it would be finished by the time our daughter awoke around 7am. Well, it didn’t work out that way.  Deadline was pressing and I was doing the best I could, but needless to say, our daughter got to play a little more Fantage than I would prefer. Thankfully a friend invited her to her home to play and I was able to get everything finished and even get some filing done by the time she returned!  Yaaaay!  I get so spend some time with my daughter…. but she was hot and tired and wanted to lay on the couch for a bit.  Yaaay! I get to lay on the couch, too, I’m tired!  We just get snuggled up and into an episode of Arthur when the phone rings.  It’s my dear hubby. I thought  he was supposed to be home about now?  No time to talk,

“Can you please log onto my blog and let everyone know that I AM going to post today, but I’m going to be late?” 

Sounds like his shoot is taking longer than expected.  I hang up the phone… mmm, “He wants me to log onto his blog and write something….”  I could be really evil right now and post some of his best high school photos, you know, the ones with the feathered hair and his angel flight suit…. or even better, I could let you see what he looked like in first grade — his mother thought they were still living in England and that sending her little boy to school in shorts, a bow tie and knee socks was so cute.

Mmmmmm….  well, as tempting as is sounds, the couch is more tempting to me right now.

Bye for now  — Richard WILL be posting soon.


Terri (Richard’s Wife)