SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 83: “Treat Every Day Like It Is Christmas.”

Last night I promised you a continued story as I briefly introduced you to John. A young man of few words, but what he does say is impactful, “Cherish your family.”

Yes I meet more than John last evening, I am also introduced to his uncle Gabriel (AKA, Bob), who manages the Christmas Tree lot where, every holiday season, the two of them work side by side with their entire family.

As of that moment, something told me that Gabriel had greatness to share. Even then, he was willing to interview, but was more intent on having the chance to clean up a little before being photographed photograph. It was late, and seeing that he had been spraying flock on trees all day, and not feeling quite dressed to be photographed, I obliged.

So here we are in today’s daylight and I’m glad we scheduled this time.

Bob, I hope you are cool with what I am about to title you, it’s s a bold mantle to place. But after spending an evening, and a morning chatting, hearing of your perspectives on fellow-man, the way you hold your family together, and your opinion of the world, there is one personage that comes to my mind, “The Angel Gabriel,” and Bob, I’m happy to say, “You personify him.”

Readers, this entry may seem as if it is written as a personal note to Bob (Angel Gabriel). Please forgive me if it appears too campy.

I really don’t fully know why I’m authoring this entry in this manner, it just strikes me as appropriate, so I’m going to go with it. One thing I am beginning to learn as a blogger, write with your intuition, and that is exactly what I am doing tonight. Hope the experiment works out for all of us. Let me know?

Gabriel, you shared so many gems in our conversation. Life experiences that I can identify with, and many that I can not come close to comprehending.

You patriotism is awe-inspiring, 3 terms in Afghanistan, “remarkable.” The stories you share of the people, and the impact of seeing their gratitude for you, and your fellow servicemen, opens my eyes to the courage and compassion of those who selflessly put their lives on the line to serve mankind. I’ll not take my freedoms for granted.

You speak of your pride for your country and of your love for society. For that I am grateful and, like you, my faith in mankind grows.

There are a lot of good people out there, and in your contribution to 365, you help in bringing us all together.

Your sentiment, “Be good to each other, we’re not here that long,” strikes at the core of my thoughts on mortality, and how fast time really moves. This is a good thing to ponder, and I ask myself this question, “Exactly what am I doing each day, and what are my priorities?”

You say, “Treat every day like it is Christmas. Be comfortable with life, and just live, that’s all.”

Bob, you are the benchmark for peaceful and compassionate living.

When you tell me of your priorities: “Loyalty to Wife, Country, Family, Friends and of your commitment to simply do the right thing. I am thankful to call you a friend.

“I’ll never turn my back on anyone.” You share, and I believe you.

You tell me of your father’s example, “He would help anyone, he was a great man.” It is obvious you are following in his footsteps.

You pray to God, “Have faith in mankind,” when many pray for themselves, and I know your prayers are heard.

Bob, you are a good man. One for us all to model our lives after.

Yes, after writing this entry, I still have to stand strong in my title for you, The Angel Gabriel.

And for you Christmas Tree shoppers:
If you want to go to the friendliest family managed lot in the city, Check out Bob’s lot. Bennett’s Best Christmas Trees, Corner of Victory and Owensmouth. Tell them Richard sent you.

Also, Bob is one heck of an artist, having perfected methods of creating flock magic. He does not just spray white, he creates real life snow and color.

Treat every day like it is Christmas.” Thanks Bob, I’ll do my best.