SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 80: Of Dreams and Dreamers

OK, you guys are in my life now. 80 days of 365 behind us. You have been with me through dark hostels, airports, Hawaiian tourist traps, edgy laundromats, football fields and rainy nights in naming a few. We’ve had a few laughs, shed a few tears and survived a few scary moments with people of all types. Today you get to hang with me on family business. As I said yesterday, we’re doing home improvement.

You have to know that I spend on average 2 to 4 hours a day on 365, weekday to weekend. Whether it is a busy work schedule, or a recovery weekend, I slack not. So today with a big list of household improvements still in progress, I hope for an easy find of a 365 neighbor. Yes, neighbor, thinking a quick walk around the block will easily run me into someone who would like to join us.

Sadly, I’m proven wrong, and am blown away by a record set of rejections I get today. Turns out to not be such a “beautiful day in my neighborhood.” I’m thinking that perhaps, my wardrobe, shirt and tie (from my church morning), is positioning me to look too much like a sales person. But whatever it is. I’m 15 rejections in, and zero takers. A terrible start.

Licking my wounds, I give up and return to my Mr. Fix It tasks, not sure how the night is going to play out. Even start to have an “is this the end of 365 moment.” I hate it when those enter my mind.

I promise, I’ll not throw in the towel. Too much invested and too many followers. Like I’ve said, “365 is part of me.”

Fate falls in my lap when I run out of Liquid Nail. Amazing stuff for gluing shims to hang peg board. For you contractors, I know? In most cases one would use nails. But I live in a house the was constructed by traveling jugglers, and it seems they forgot to space the studs at 16 inch spacing. So glue it is for me.

However the jugglers have led me to good fortune in sending me to Lowe’s, where I thankfully meet my 365 friends for the evening.

I’m hanging in the adhesive section, and to the left of me is the coolest couple, seems it’s not only I who am deep in home upgrades. They are checking out a shelving unit at the end cap of the aisle. I want to approach them, but there is something really creepy about some dude asking to photograph you as you are in the midst of shopping. With a pit in my stomach and the thought of a 365 all nighter looming, I pass on approaching them. The last thing I want to do is become a menacing stalker.

Well, at least I have the right glue for my home project, and for the moment, this knowledge consoles me in distracting my mind from what looks like the approaching of a no sleep night.

I hit the check out stand, and wouldn’t you know it, right in front of me, the couple from aforementioned adhesive isle.

What the heck, I’m here, they are here. I extend a 365 invite. They accept and release me to a normal nights schedule.

My thanks are extended to my new co-home improvement friends, Julius and Kerri. Two of the friendliest humans around.

It’s sort of a deja-vu situation. How’s that? Talking to them reminds me of the relationship I have with my wife. Their candor is precious and it’s refreshing to watch the fun harassing they give each other. Together for twelve years, Julius and Kerri are mind linked. It is apparent in the respect they share for one another and the quick shorthand they display in responding to my questions.

They are a great couple. We keep our interview short and sweet. After all we are all knee-deep in home fix its and the day is running out.

There is no way to speak for either of them, they are a single unit, something very nice to see in this age of disposable relationships. So much in synch that their answers to my standard questions are unified.

Julius starts with a Bobby McFerrin lyric, “Don’t worry, be happy.” A key phrase that I can see in the glimmer of their eyes. Don’t worry, be happy, obviously a life motivator that keeps these two moving forward. I know? I’m making a lot of assumptions, but I’m just calling it as I see it, and I see no worries, just happy. What a great example these guys set.

Both talk of dreams and looking toward the future. A topic that has become the backbone of many of the people we have spoken to thus far. Sort of tells us something good about our current society, doesn’t it?

I’ve literally interviewed over one hundred people to date. There are great people all around, all wanting the same thing, to evolve with hope.

“Don’t worry, be happy” A challenge to follow your heart, to not look back, but to progress. Permission to, without pause, live life the way you want, to go forward without regret and to be content in your progress. No matter what happens.

Julius adds this to the mix, “And try not to stress.” Easier said than done, but duly noted. One this is certain though, you cannot be too scared to try.

“It’s never too late to do what you want,” Kerri kicks in. Another statement that has become staple to 365, and one that I never tire of hearing. There are so many of us who are buried in our dreams. Every time I commune with another who is still dredging forward with faith of dream, it reconfirms my convictions, and I hope yours. We’ve heard it stated from those in the darkest of places and those at the top of their game. Dream and aspire for what brings you joy. It’s not about a focus on greatness, but rather on self-honesty to go forth in what is important to you.

Of dreams for the future, again Julius and Kerri are unified.

“It’s not about what we inspire to be, It’s more about thinking of where we want to be at that point.” And what is that? I ask.

They answer, “That we can say, we did all that we dreamed to do, or at least tried. And we’re sure we will be content and satisfied with life if we can say that.”

Julius, Kerri, Thanks for the booster shot.

May all you dreams come true.

Readers, I’m getting some sleep tonight. Finished my entry at 11:34pm. Woo Hoo! early night.