SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 78: “It’s Never Too Late”

The tribute to the future continue with Monica. I meet her this evening while enjoying a night out with my family.

Monica is one of those rare people that radiates happiness. Something I pick up on at first glance. So much so, I am even a little intimidated to interrupt her stride as she energetically walks past a shop window, just a few yards from where my wife, daughter and I are enjoying an after dinner outing.

But even though I’m hesitant to approach her, my daughter urges me to say hello. This project really is becoming a family endeavour. It’s strange I should feel these jitters. I mean, I’ve found myself in much more sketchy situations, all without even cracking a sweat. Why tonight?

It’s 12am, my meeting with Monica hours behind me, and I am still examining the question of why I had the jitters. One thing come to mind. There is something about Monica that makes me feel young, reflective as to my life experiences. Not saying that I am over-the-hill, but her vitality forces me to pause for a moment of self-reflection in asking myself a question, “Have I really traveled the right path.”

It is impossible not to do a personal inventory while being in the presence of Monica’s energy. Meeting her takes me back to my beginnings, and the though is a little overwhelming.

I’m happy to say that most of my energy of youth is still at core, it’s just a little weathered, but nowhere near extinguished. Actually it’s on a high and I am going through a rebirth of sorts. How else can I commit to the task of still keeping my assignment work vibrant while continuing the 365 journey.

So as I conduct my mental inventory this night the answer to my earlier question of, “Have I really traveled the right path,” is a resounding, “YES-ABSOLUTELY!”

I’ve spoken often of the wisdom of youth. Monica is yet another cornerstone for the future, bright, articulate and artistic.

A student of communications she has set her career course, speaking of art and youth culture. Aspects like music, fashion and lifestyle. She is a people person and is looking forward to a life in PR.

What is striking about Monica, is her relaxed confidence. There is purpose in her eyes as she speaks her words of counsel.

To the young people:
“Save your money. Invest it on classic things and your eduction. Stay away from the trendy, it will only take it away from you and leave you with nothing to show.”

To the older people (that’s me)
“It’s never too late.” (amen to that)

For all of us (I love this one)
“Mac not PC.”

Monica sees the bright of the world. She talks about the power of music festivals and the people who attend them. “I’ll never miss one again. It’s amazing hanging with so many different people, all having fun camping and enjoying music.” As she tells me this, I see her mind gears turning. It’s more than the music, it is a life beat. An awareness of people, culture and communication.

12:30am now, think I’m getting closure to my jitters in speaking with Monica, it is not nervousness, it is excitement, enthusiasm for what’s to come.

So a toast to all of us in raising our glasses high, it does not matter what our age, It’s never too late!”

Monica, thanks for the push and, yes, I’m a Mac person.

Oh! One last note: Monica thinks I need to take 365 to Croatia, Iceland and Japan. Right now I’m a little underfunded, but I’m open to anyone who wants to invite me over. 🙂