SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 72: It’s All Thumbs-Up!

It’s been a while since my family and I have gone for our frozen yogurt fix, so tonight we decide to hit Mencie’s for sweets. Again we are greeted by the dynamic duo, Brandon and Aaron (The Future Is In Their Hands vs. No Rest For The Weary). Time is flying and it is hard to believe that already a couple of months have passed since I interviewed them for 365. It’s an instant reunion.

Turns out that the 365 article and photo of them went up the corporate ladder at Mencie’s, making it all the way to the corporate offices. They were complimented for their working spirit and are given a full high-five to keep up the good work. It’s always nice to be recognized for the work you do, I’m happy these two bright young men get the credit they deserve.

With 72 days behind me, I’m starting to run into my 365 friends more and more often. It’s a weird thing, but very exciting every time it happens. I’m not looking to run into my 365 buddies, It just happens. The world can be a very small planet sometimes.

We finish our reunion, order our treats and as I settle in to watching my daughter consuming mass amounts of ice-cold sugar overload, a bright young face enters the establishment. My first inclination, “She is a big sister to three younger siblings, and it’s girls night out.” All are exuberant with extroverted laughs and smiles. Brandon and Aaron belt out their classic, “Welcome to Mencie’s!”

Big sister kicks right in and gives it back to our Mencie’s greeters. “Hey guys!” The energy of this exchange grabs my interest. My ears are perked and I settle in for a moment of innocent voyeurism. There is something humanistically curious about this exchange and I decide to further investigate.

Turns out that the big sister is not a big sister, but a Nanny for the day. Wow! I remember growing up with the terror faced girls, who after my parent left, would spend the evening chatting on the phone, bad cinema style. Guess my parents weren’t the best judge of sitters, but I turned out OK. So what if I have a nervous twitch every time I hear old school telephone rings. Good memories, good times.

Say hello to Jamie, super nanny and also (as I find this out in conversation) fellow Mencie’s employee. What is it with this place? Seems they hire only the best of our future youth. So university recruiters, put Mencie’s on your list. Perhaps it is a hidden secret in searching for your scholastic talent.

Jamie poses he signature thumbs-up

When I invite Jamie to 365, she responds with a resounding thumbs-up, “Heck Yeh!”

Quickly, I find out that she is the queen of positive thought, and thumbs-up is the way she looks at personal growth and life challenge. A very mature perspective for a young lady of nineteen.

There are so many storylines developing within the 365 journey. This interview touches on one of my favorites, “The future is in good hands.”

Jamie knows where she is going, “I’m in a good place at this point of my life, I’m very happy and doing what I love, studying psychology.” Her plan is set, finish undergraduate, internship, masters, PhD and on to her own practice by mid 30’s.

For now, her sleeves are rolled up, working multiple jobs and saving for the future. Her advice for other of her age in contemplating their future, “Do what you love, it does not matter how much you are making, just focus on what you are passionate about. If you don’t know, try going to a community college and take sample classes, then narrow it down. Give yourself time to figure it out, and save your money for finishing your studies at the right university.”

I ask Jamie if she knows what area of psychology she is interested in: “Sex Therapy.” I ask her why that specialty, “I love the psychology of human relationships and have always been comfortable talking about sensitive matters. A lot of my friends come to me to talk about their concerns or to help them answer very personal questions. It’s great to help them through their issues and build self-esteem.”

Jamie talks of her future with professionalism beyond her years, “I do not want to be a DR. Drew, my goal is to set up a serious practice. I am fascinated by both the social and medical aspects of psychology. But what is most important to me is knowing that I am helping people gain a healthy self-understanding of who they are and what they can become .”

I notice Jamie is very comfortable in her own skin. “Sounds like you are comfortable with your future.” I state.

Her response, with the warmest of smiles, “I’m pretty self-actualized”

Again another youth that proves to me, “The future is in good hands!”

Jamie keep studying, you’ll have that practice sooner than you think.