SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 68: Walking Key Art For The Positive

Say “Hi ” to Nicole, the first face I see this evening as I arrive to an  ad agency gathering. She is so welcoming. I have to ask her to be part of 365.

I’m going to be short and to-the-point tonight. We all have to get some sleep now and then.

Nicole is one of those people who find resolve in everything. I know this by two factors: first, my gut tells me so, and second, I do a little questioning of her co-workers, all who say things like, “She is always thinking forward, nothing shakes her, she is awesome.”

Now you ad folks will appreciate this. Nicole is a traffic manager. For those of you who do not know what a traffic manager does, it is basically this: All the scheduling of every project that moves from department to department. Meaning, if timing is missed on the delivery of any given project, the blame falls on her shoulders. It’s a huge responsibility that requires the ability to communicate with both left and right brain people – not always an easy task, especially when everyone needs things ASAP. My hat goes off to all in her position.

OK, you know of her job, but what does she want to share with us, the readers of 365?

The office is loud, but we manage to find a quite corner in the reception area. We sit and chat for a bit. All while Nicole continues to welcome newcomers to the party. She is incredibly funny, lots of laughter and off- the-wall statements. “I’d rather be day 69.”  I smile, “I’m not that kind of blog, but promise to share her disappointment for being day 68.” All is meant in good jest and we laugh it off.

Even with the distraction of our silly talk and the many people walking past us, she is able to manage her photo shoot while being sure that all who enter feel welcome to the agency open house. A testament to her ability to manage multiple situations. She is a joy to photograph and projects a warm persona, that with only a few minutes to take photos, is rather difficult to capture, but I think we got pretty close.

It is suiting that we sit at the question mark couch. A perfect setting for Nicole to share a favorite quote by poet Walt Whitman, “Re-examine all that you have been told… Dismiss what insults your Soul.”

As we talk I realize why this quote resonates with her. Even though she is somewhat reserved, broken occasionally by an absolutely infectious sense of humor, I see that her humanity runs deep.

Nicole is very hip and carries herself with poise and confidence. We talk of her tattoos, which are many. “I’m addicted to them.” True, many are, but this is what’s really cool  – most of her tats are a tribute to family, or uplifting life statements. I nickname her, “Walking key art for the positive.”

I ask her of her goals or dreams. Quick and simple answer: “I want to work with kids.”

Nicole, keep your humor and dedication to professionalism and I bet you’re at the front of the classroom sooner than you think.

Thanks for the fun interview.

Later Gator!