SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 6: The Book of James

“Let The Love Come to You”

Day 6, almost one week into 365. Only 359 days to go. The good thing is, so far my family is on board. Tonight my daughter and I pass Taft High on our way home from dinner out with a friend. In the parking lot are a dozen or so catering trucks. Gourmet trucks are becoming quite the rage lately and we regularly visit our favorite haunt; a Friday night hot spot we know in Granada Hills where 50 to 60 trucks usually show up.

Tonight, however, catches us by surprise, seeing trucks in this spot is not a typical occurrence. Even though we are full to the gills from a heavy Mexican dinner of chips, fajitas, and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, we find it impossible to withstand the temptation of a catering truck expedition. I try to drive by, but 1/4 mile past Taft, will-power gone, I flip a u-turn and we are committed to snacks.

We pull up and immediately I see my greatest temptation: chocolate covered nuts. Hey, they are full of protein. That’s good for me, isn’t it?

Ready to binge, my daughter and I walk towards the most colorful truck in the lot, Antonia’s Nuts. On our approach we are greeted by James. At first glance I know this guy has things to say. He agrees to be photographed. I quickly find out one fact is certain, James is way chill.

We talk for about 15 minutes. My take away: James is an icon for the positive. The kind of dude we all want as a friend.

A few statements from “The Book of James”
• Why not? Not why!
• You have to have humor.
• Laugh at it all.
• I’m a musician, but check out my girlfriend’s music.

And he lives what he preaches. He tells me of his house just being robbed, “it opened up the universe for me.” Even had the robbers try to break in again a second time while he and his roommate were home. He just went to the door and told them to go away. Many of us would have attacked them. James just kept his cool.

I find out he is a musician. Leads me to ask him if I can promote his band or share any message for him,. He gives me two simple notes.
ONE: “Live positive and let the love come to you”
TWO: “Nah, my band broke up, but you can promote my girlfriend’s music, it’s cool. Google her. Jade Alexis”

James, see you in Granada Hills!