SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 52: “Living Life The Right Way”

This has not been the leisurely Sunday I have hoped for. I’ve got to fly out to the East Coast in the morning, have been jamming to color correct a project and need to deliver it first thing this week. Even though 365 is deep under my skin, I have to admit, at times it is a weight on my shoulders. Today is such a day.

Another Sunday is clicking away, and again, my family takes the hit. They have been so supportive, but I can see the stress on their faces today. I don’t blame them, it a bad daddy week for I’m having to miss Halloween night with my girl. Obviously I’m a little saddened. That accompanied by over 2000 frames of color correct and I’m about to hit the stress wall.

I’m sitting here at my computer, eyes focused at the screen, don’t even know what time it is, when this feeling hits me, “get up! Grab your camera and go outside, NOW!”

Twenty feet from my front door I hear laughter on the horizon. I walk to the corner to scope where it is coming from. It’s Aaron, the cool young man I interviewed a few weeks ago, walking his girlfriend Tatiana. We exchange casual talk and Tatiana say, “I’ve been hoping to run into you, your project is really cool.” I instantly know she is the reason I’ve been pulled from my desk. I ask her if she would like to be today’s 365 friend. She’s in without hesitation.

Big deal you may say, you run into an introduction. Maybe? But I prefer to look at is this way, It is meant to be. When I began 365, it was an idea. Now, and forgive me if I sound a bit spiritual or metaphysical, its becoming a calling. There have been too many encounters that link in some way, either by message or by connection. Things like: People who link to my family, 365 friends related to other 365 friends or my personal questions of the day answered by who accepts the 365 invite. At 52 days, I’m seeing stories that are weaving together to tell a tale of hope, strength and humanity. Every week it grabs hold of me deeper and the readership is growing beyond my expectations. I have no idea of where it is going or to where it is taking me. But, I’m in for the ride.

So on this stressed out Sunday, I welcome the opportunity to interview Tatiana, even if she is standing directly next to a past 365 friend. To me she is still a stranger and our meeting is by chance. Or is it?

I jump right in, “What word of council do you want to share with my readers?”

She is very thoughtful. “I want to be careful with what I say'” she says, “this answer seems so obvious, but it needs to be understood. Everyone says it, but I look at it in a different way. People say, live every day like it is your last.  True, we need to enjoy of life. It’s more than that though. It’s really not about partying or having a good time, it’s greater than that. What if today really is your last day. Are you ready? Your gonna be judged.”

Tatiana wears her faith on her arm. Tattoo reads in Hebrew: “What Would Jesus Do?

Tatiana make the above statement, with no malice, no guile or judgemental hypocrisy. Her tone is youthful, laughing and kind, yet there is a knowing peace in her posture. And by her countenance, I can tell she is living her words. Tatiana is not dressed in religious uniform or overly conservative. Just a young lady, living her best to be a good person to herself and others. Quite normal, quite charming, quite inspired.

She goes on to expound on her council, “have fun, but don’t live recklessly, for yourself or others. Focus on doing good, because what if it is your time and you’re not living up to your potential or doing bad things. You don’t want to go out that way. You want to be remembered for what good you did. Make your Mom, Dad and people proud.

Her dreams, go to culinary school, marry, have a family and open a catering company.

Tatiana has inspired me this day. It’s up to you to accept, or not, the reason I’m snapped away from my desk at the exact moment of her passing my home. For me, it is real, and my gut tells me I am meant to interview Tatiana this day.

It is a day of worship for many, and perhaps there is hidden meaning in why I am driven to write this entry.

All I can say is this, “Tatiana is on the right path and it is refreshing to meet a young woman with her perspective on living and faith, I am inspired”

Thanks for your words on living life the right way.

May all your dreams come true.