SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 362: “We Are On The Right Road”

After listening to my explained history of 365, Rabbi Mentz looks into my eyes… “You’re on a journey to find yourself.”

I cannot disagree, and in doing so, a peace fill my heart. A peace that I’m sure we all looking for. It’s that feeling of purpose, that joy of knowing that the path has meaning, and a freedom to accept the very things that frighten us. Those hidden dreams, un-faced secrets and desires for a better self.

And although Rabbi Mentz’s observation is directed specifically at me in beginning our conversation, the premise is universal. We are all on personal journeys. Some of us are aware of the course, while others of us are invisibly flailing our arms in grabbing whatever exterior source that says, “You are OK my child.”

Whatever the case, Rabbi Mentz accepts people for who they are and truly believes that all can become the full measure of their creation.

Rabbi Mentz is to the point and holds no contempt for anyone, or to any faith. And although he calls good, good and evil, evil, he is a true advocate for the sanctity of human life. Proclaiming of the consequences of both good and evil acts, thoughts and deeds.

In him is a deep conviction to his faith, a faith that with a blend of sincere compassion… married to a bold charisma, he challenges us to seek a greater light in all that we do, in inspiring us to take hold of our roots, of our healthy ambitions and of a trust in a loving G_D. For in his eyes can be seen a wondrous dream. A vision not for self-gain or of tribute from the many. But rather, of a hope for a united humanity, a wish for every human being to live free and able to feel of the happiness that all have right to enjoy.

Rabbi Mentz… thank you for allowing me the privilege to present you to the congregation of 365, the podium is yours my friend.

“’First thing I would say to everybody is… always look for good… in everybody. But do not allow evil to exist. If there is evil… like a cancer, the greatest love you can have for humanity is to get rid of that evil. If they are rapists, if they are robbers, if they are terrorists, and the greatest love you can have for humanity is… is to get rid of it.

Now there are two ways of getting rid of it. There is killing them, or there is educating them…

…Abraham opened up a tent for education, and that’s how he taught the whole world about G_D. He never lifted his sword… he never shot a bullet… but he did allow people to come into his tent and hear.

And through his brilliant arguments he transformed thousands, and became the greatest PR agent against paganism and for the word of G_D.

So, if I had something to say to the world… it would be to always look for the good in everybody… and believe that they can be transformed. But do not be hoodwinked… that just because they are evil… we have to be good to them, because if they are going to be a cancer to you… they are going to kill you.

The second thing I would say to the world… Is do not underestimate the power of any single human being; every single person is created by G_D, and there is a potential good in them.

Another thing that I would say to people… Never look for the light at the end of the tunnel. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. You’re dead when you’re at the end of the tunnel. A lot of people go and say of other religions, ‘Suffer, go through the tunnel, because when you die you will go to heaven.’ Is that why G_D put me into this world… to look for the end of it… into the tunnel.

What G_D really did was, he put light in the tunnel, but it’s just concealed… and every action that I do reveals that light. Because it is there that G_D put you… to transform the darkness into good.

The last thing that I would say to everybody is… The Messianic promise that G_D has is not just for the ones who agree with me… The proof… The All Mighty created Jews and Non-Jews. Not everybody has to be Jewish… Not everybody has to live and practice as I do.

Allow people to be the best that they can be… and work in unity. Follow G_D’s law for the Non-Jews. And Jews should follow G_D’s law as created and commanded for the Jews. Together we can make this world a better place.

Finally… If I had the podium to speak to the world… You’re only put into this world for a few moments. Instead of looking at the world for what you can get out of it; become a partner of G_D, and make miracles with him. Because every single moment in your life… there is a person… there is an opportunity to leave a footprint… to show how this world is so much better than it was three minutes ago. That’s what I think I would say.

The world obviously is going to be moving any which way it wants to, because it is not us who makes this world run. No matter how much man plans – G_D laughs… and throws in a LOT of new plans for us to work with.

So where is the world going to be in a hundred years from now? It makes no difference what I say. Because like I say, man plans – G_D laughs.

The question is… where we will man be in a hundred years from now… in the world that G_D is now laughing at.

And I think it is to recognize that in everything that goes on in this world, there is an opportunity to make this world a better place. And, that’s what I would like to see humanity become.

Instead of looking into ourselves and saying, ‘This is for me.’ Is for people to say, ‘Wow, this world is an awesome place, and I can go and play in G_D’s garden, and I can transform this world into a bigger and better place.’

How do I get the weeds out? How do I make it, that in everything that we do, is only going to be in a better way? And, if a new challenge comes about, we have been programmed by our choices to just go and say quickly, ‘Let’s make it better!’

The world is getting there. For example, two hundred years ago, if there was a hurricane somewhere… no one cared. If there was a disease somewhere… no one cared… I just hope that my country doesn’t get it.

 Today there are countries that band together, countries that will go into these places… feed people… tent people. There are people that get Aids in Africa. There are countries that give billions of dollars to fight Aids… Malaria…

…You ask me, ‘Where is this world going to be two hundred years from now…?

Before I reveal Rabbi Mentz’s answer, I must tell you a little more about myself. And in doing so, I still hold true to my stance in keeping my blog unbiased and open to no agenda or platform, other than that of unity in accepting all who choose to join us in our pledge to acceptance of each other.

This said, I’’ tell you that I am Jewish, and baptized a Mormon. A choice that has only given me the greatest peace in life and propelled my desire to better understand not only myself, but to seek a deeper understanding of my fellow-man.

Rabbi Mentz has challenged me to explore the depths of my faith, and in a very short time with him, I have found a greater understanding of where I have come from, and from my studies of other faiths, in examining my choices, and through the meetings of hundreds of unique and spectacular people, I come to the same conclusion in agreeing with Rabbi Mentz’s answer for what is to come.

…You ask me, “Where is this world going to be two hundred years from now…?” Rabbi Mentz’s self questions.

Simple he states, “We are on the right road.”

In closing, and as any loving Rabbi would do, Rabbi Mentz offers me Tefillin.

I accept.

For those of you who do not know what it represents, here is a summary:

The tefillin are to serve as a reminder of God’s intervention at the time of the Exodus from EgyptMaimonides details of the sanctity of tefillin and writes that “as long as the tefillin are on the head and on the arm of a man, he is modest and God-fearing and will not be attracted by hilarity or idle talk; he will have no evil thoughts, but will devote all his thoughts to truth and righteousness.”The Sefer ha-Chinuch (14th century) adds that the purpose of tefillin is to help subjugate a person’s worldly desires and encourage spiritual development. Joseph Caro (16th century) explains that tefillin are placed on the arm adjacent to the heart and on the head above the brain to demonstrate that these two major organs are willing to perform the service of God.

What’s inside it:

And it shall be for a sign for you upon your hand, and for a memorial between your eyes, that the law of the LORD may be in your mouth; for with a strong hand did the LORD bring you out of Egypt.—Exodus 13:9

And it shall be for a sign upon your hand, and as totafot between your eyes; for with a mighty hand did the LORD bring us forth out of Egypt.—Exodus [13:16]

And you shall bind them as a sign upon your arm, and they shall be as totafot between your eyes.—Deuteronomy 6:8

You shall put these words of mine on your heart and on your soul; and you shall tie them for a sign upon your arm, and they shall be as totafot between your eyes. —Deuteronomy [11:18]

Rabbi Mentz is a man of great faith, he has shared with me a symbolic blessing, one that is at the root of my very birth, and a prayer for my happiness and safety in life.

A blessing that is bestowed upon me, is one that is more global than we may realize. For looking into his council, there is a rabbinical prayer that a greater light is in store for all who look. A prayer for a better world, for whether Gentile or Jew, Rabbi Mentz is resolute, “Allow people to be the best that they can be…” and work in unity. Follow G_D’s law for the Non-Jews. And Jews should follow G_D’s law as created and commanded for the Jews. Together we can make this world a better place.”

Rabbi, you are right, “We are on the right road.”

Talk tomorrow my friends, and may we all journey safely.