SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 354: “I’ve Seen Turkey And Oklahoma”

A little behind the scenes Hollywood excitement for you today, or better introduced, dispelling the myths of industry glam.

Casting for an ad shoot I’m doing in September is on the agenda, and stuffed with chocolate chip cookies and fruit I sit in meeting a variety of theatrical characters as they appeal to the court of video capture.

Hurry up and wait is the theme of the day as aspiring actors arrive in clusters between the calm of, cool one more cookie.

So I sit here, sugar rushing between waves of similar expressions, engaging in conversation with Blanca, proprietor and exceptional casting director, talking of a range of subjects, but in all one beat of chat strikes to the core of what 365 is all about.

“I just got back from Turkey,” Blanca tells of her travels, and well-traveled she is, Asia, Europe, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, all of the United States (including, Hawaii, Alaska, and yes, Oklahoma).

“’I would tell the world to be open about people we meet every day. Once you meet the person, it’s like a big surprise… and you never know whom you going to meet. And, once you start talking to them, you can find out whom they really are. People are amazing.

I believe we should all give people a chance. My husband says I’m too friendly. Some people say, just ignore them. For me it is just the opposite, I think if I make eye contact, it says, ‘Look, I acknowledge you.’ Whether you are a jerk, or not, I’m saying, ‘Hey life is not that bad.’ Whereas they are going to come and attack me anyway… well what are you going to do.’”

We talk more about her recent visit in Europe and the from feelings her time abroad

“We here a lot about the ugly American’s, those who expect the world to speak their language. I don’t look at it that way. Wherever we are we are still all strangers, and a smile opens the world up.

Hello is a powerful word in all languages. And when we travel we need to learn it in the language of where we are, it say, we are in your house.

I’ve traveled a lot and I know if make an attempt to communicate, the world opens up to you.

People are amazing, Blanca warmly reaffirms as she shares her council for the future, “Live life.”

We have today, … but we don’t have tomorrow… and too many people wait for retirement to live it.”