SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 337: “The Seventh Sense”

Last night the sun was gone, yet the sound of busy traffic deafened my senses in blocking my ears. This morning proves to be a different, and contrasting, numbness of senses, for the sun is blazing into the sky, and even though my ears are not ringing from scurrying motorists, my senses are still blurred by the glare of heated daylight.

But underneath it all is a crazy seventh sense that has been developing over the last year. It’s not a psychic ability by any means, but still, it is a kind of sense non-the-less.

Really it is more of a rather self-taught perspective and not that supernatural. It’s definitely not an ability to read minds or to grow any form of clairvoyance. There is no magic to it and it is a gift that can be developed in any human, regardless of what their state of life. And what’s so cool about it is that any of us can do it if we have the desire to do so.

So what is it? OK, it’s broken record time… “Look, Listen and Understand.”

“Chin up and eyes open to the world” I keep promoting to all I meet. And the more I share it the more I realize just how infectious of a statement it is. To date, less the around 500 rejections I’ve encountered, over 1500 people have universally accepted the encouragement.

And in my two most recent meetings of two distinctively diverse personalities, one message aligns in almost the same degree.

Like I said, the sun is beating on me this morning, yet as I drive in the isolation of my air-conditioned car (man I’m beginning to like walking and biking so much more than driving), I see an isolated woman, resting in the shade at the side of a shopping center. Something tells me to stop and speak with her, and seconds later I find myself in dialogue with Tina, new friend and inventory manager of the supermarket that has provided us this moment of sun shielded conversation.

As most often, time is short, Tina is on a break and must soon return to work.

And, with no time to waste, we jump right in discussing the first 365 question, “If you had any words of wisdom, advice or council for the world… you had the microphone … and everybody was listening, what would you say?”

Tina playfully reacts with much laughter, “You’ve put me on the spot!”

She pauses… “I would just tell them live life to the fullest… live day by day… and to do their best and be all that they can be.

You’ve got to live life… you can’t live in the past. It’s done, the past is the past… just move forward.”

I am stricken with a peculiar resonance in reflecting to just last night, when our new friend Pharaoh, in his own way, mirrored Tina’s council. “Take every day one day at a time…Too often people get stressed out because they are taking on too much; they worry about tomorrow, or the day after.” He advised.

In the comparison a message is loudly broadcast, “We are all not that different.” Two uniquely different people, both with different professions and I’m sure different lifestyles. Yet in the comparison… no, with united voice… they are of the same community in looking toward the future with optimistic eyes.

Tina says, “We need to be nicer to each other. There are a lot of people out there who are just not nice… not friendly. I see it every day. We have to treat others as we want to be treated… and it begins with you.”

“We are all in this thing together,” I regularly mention. And for some reason I am inspired to link Pharaoh’s and Tina’s council this day. Not sure why? But the still small voice in my head tells me I have to.

In their words is a common declaration, one that if embraced by the many, can possible be a catalyst to great change. In Pharaoh’s words, “Everyone has a valid perspective. Everyone has their own set of problems that they were born into. I truly believe that if we focus on unity… we will become stronger as a people.”

Tina, we thank you for carrying the call forward. You are absolutely correct; we need to be nicer to each other. Perhaps that is the key to developing our own seventh sense.

Talk tomorrow my friends.