SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 326: “Pamtastic”

Pam Quotes, “Love is the answer to everything and we all need to take the time to really know who we are at our core. To become whole before we ever merge our life’s with a partner, so that we can have lasting relationships.”

Pam is radiant, confident and endearingly extroverted; the kind of person that you can lean on for a patient and listening ear. It’s getting late, the clock passing the 10:00pm hour, clicking its ways to the bewitching hours of the evening. Yet the hour is of no consequence to Pam as she opens her home, and her life to us, “I’m a night owl, we can talk as long as we need to.” She offers me a tea or a glass of water.

Tea sounds good, but more than that, I just want to talk to Pam. “Water will be fine,” I reply as Pam directs me to a cozy couch in the center of her very eclectic and calming living room. There is a peace that is strangely out-of-place upon finding out that only moments prior to our meeting, the house was filled with clientele of her Neuro-Linguistic Programming practice, evidenced by the finger food that remains on the tables.

“How did I get here?” you may wonder. Easy answer… Brook, amazing friend of 365, Day 155, an extremely talented lady in her own account, and a friend who whenever calls with a 365 referral, is one I take note of. For her network is amazing and wonderfully diverse; and, her example of friendshipping has not only become a powerful contributor to the 365 story, but a lesson for us all in accepting the way positive draws positive.

So, to walk into the unknown home of any friend of Brook’s is to know that I am meeting an equally noble person. The hour matters not, and in entering Pam’s living room my awareness of my itchy tired eyes and slurring speech (affected from a long day of swimming pool sun with my daughter – day four of my wife and I’s role reversal), fades into the background of my thoughts.

Pam talks of love. Not just in the free love perspective of the sixties, but with a depth of understanding of its lasting characteristics; characteristics that transcend those of compulsory emotions, of physical attractions, of basic sexual impulses or of any status lure. Pam carries an awareness that she gained though years of dedicated study and evaluated life history. And through it, practices understanding with a keen ability to listen and compassionately respond. All principles that she now focuses to enhance the lives of others.

Yes, Pam is the real deal… For her, people are first. And , she has done the self-work to example in all that she does. An example that boasts no platform of self grandeur, an example that does not yell out her name in blazes of neon, and an example that surely doe’s not need to have the last word.

There are many agenda’s that Pam openly admits, and as expected, all of which, (other than a realistic and non-greedy evaluation of her livelihood) are directed to making herself available to aid others in working through the web of life’s obstacles. Yet, she does admit to one special point of focus. I call her, “A modern match maker.”

I am unlike any other matchmaker…” Pam describes her approach, “…I help my clients identify with the things that are going to interfere with a long-lasting loving relationship, and I offer them ways to heal, and be transformed in themselves before getting involved in any relationship. I teach them more about themselves, and give them tools to know how to quickly understand other people; and, most importantly… to be able to accurately look at the value systems of partnering for a lifetime.”

Pam’s energy is infectious, evolved from years of hard learned optimism. An optimism that shines larger than any glass half full scenario. For in Pam can be found the keys to realistic highways of personal growth, routes to happiness of self, and acceptance of others; and a set of directions that are expressed in her thoughtful outlook regarding the future.

“I think people have hit their threshold of unhappiness, and be open to finding ways to use their own internal resources. And, I think people are right on the cusp of becoming, or hitting that threshold, with what has not been working with themselves… with their relationships… with their jobs… with society… and with their culture. I think many of us are getting to the place where we can open up. And just maybe, that’s what is going to usher in a new era. An era where something is more spiritual… I feel it…!

…I feel the tension rising… and, I feel that we are nearing that threshold… SO, I THINK THE FUTURE IS GOING TO BE FANTASTIC!”

My students have coined this phrase, “It’s Pamtastic!”

By no means does Pam show any sign of campaigning for this title. Really, quite to opposite, and maybe even the only time I see her get a little embarrassed. And to honor her students, Pam admits, “I love what I do… I help people find their personal freedoms. So I am accepting of any title they place on me”

“Why…?” Pam expands, “…because it’s about love.”

Pam, it’s OK… In my mind… you are “Pamtastic.”

Talk tomorrow friends!